REVIEW: Elizabeth Barrett and Cupid’s Brooch – Donna Ann Brown

Elizabeth Barrett and Cupid's Brooch (A Trade In Time) Book Cover Elizabeth Barrett and Cupid's Brooch (A Trade In Time)
Donna Ann Brown
Historical Fantasy-Time Travel
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
May 6, 2020

Legend has it Cupid's Brooch sends you to your one true love...

Actress Liz Barrett, adored by millions, wields Cupid's Brooch and trades places with Miss Elizabeth Barrett of 1812, a young lady without connections who fears having no choice in whom she must marry.

Either Liz's rabid fans have made up this crazy story, while Elizabeth suffers what is surely purgatory, or they've traded places in time and perhaps even fallen into the arms of their one true love.

But what will Lord Whittington and Dr. Demfry do if fate is determined to switch them back?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Liz Barrett is an actress and adored by her fans. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that her boyfriend/agent feels the same. Tired of Jeff buying props for shows without permission and tired of him taking without giving, she is ready to fire him in both roles. When he ignores her while she attempts to fire him and produces an ugly brooch to be used in the production, once again without permission, she is livid and wonders if she will ever find true love.

Angry and swinging the brooch around in the air while yelling “I want true love” she finds herself on the floor surrounded by people she assumes are part of the production. A fat lady keeps screaming at her while a handsome man who makes her tingle all over stands next to her. Although everyone around her is acting like they belong to a different time she is convinced they are just staying in character and once she gets outside and sees she is still in 2012 she can go on her merry way.

Her best wishes to be in 2012 are dashed when everywhere she looks she is in England in 1812 not 2012. She is in the body of Elizabeth Barrett, a young, shy woman from the colonies—only the shy thing would soon be changing everyone around her. Liz discovers that Elizabeth is betrothed to the Duke of Silverman, Geoffrey Froth, a man she will never consider marrying. The man she wants is Elizabeth’s guardian, the Earl of Whittington, Chester Langford. It doesn’t take long before Liz turns everyone’s life upside down and gets them to believe she is from the future.

This is where I gave up reading because the second half of the book was a replay of the first only this time it was Elizabeth’s side not Liz’s and I just did not want to go over the story again. Had the story ended where it did I would have loved it and I still gave it three stars because the first half was a wonderful read.

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