Erecting Barriers Book Cover Erecting Barriers
Immortals Book 8
LJ Vickery
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
February 19, 2018

The gods of the underworld were cursed and cast out, made to wander unseen upon the human world…

Kulla, the divine architect, has finally found his Chosen, the only one who can make him corporeal again. Because of an edict from Hell four hundred years ago, Obedience slipped through his fingers. He’ll be damned if she does it again.The feisty red-headed witch makes his temper rise along with certain body parts, but he is destined to spend eternity with her, like it or not.

Obedience is still angry, believing Kulla abandoned her to an unknown fate back in old Salem. But she can’t resist the sexy deity―or the needs of his group―much longer. It nearly broke her when he refused to marry her all those years ago and neglected to reveal himself as a god. This time, their future―if they have one―will be on her terms.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It has been four hundred years since Kulla the Divine Architect lost his Chosen. If you have been reading this series which I hope you have, then you know about the Immortals who have been cursed with invisibility until they meet their Chosen. Some of the Immortals are now married and have children but in five and a half months time if all of them have not met their Chosen each one of them whether mated or not will be returned to Hell. In that short period of time the Goddess Beletseri and her lover Matthew will do everything in their power to see all the Immortals returned to Hell where she wants them.

Kulla met his Chosen, Obedience, a witch during the Salem witch trials where she was living. Kulla and Obedience fell in love but when he didn’t return to her, leaving her to go out on her own in order to save herself from those who would kill her if they knew what she was she gave up on him. She spent decades looking then decided he must be dead. When they once again met up in the Blue Hills where the immortals were all living she put a barrier up around herself so that Kulla could not get anywhere near her.  She also refused to allow anyone to speak of him and that kept Kulla from giving his side of the story. What his side is I will not reveal in this review.

Kulla decided to build something for her hoping that he could prove his love, after all he is the Divine Architect. He has met his Chosen but is unable to reach her even though they live on the same site. When an attack leaves Kulla badly injured Obedience lets her guard down to help him but still refuses to allow him or anyone else explain why he deserted her four hundred years ago. If Kulla can’t explain himself and if she refuses to be with him every Immortal would find themselves in Hell, leaving behind wives and children.

There are other Immortals who need to find their Chosen before the deadline is up but if Kulla can’t convince Obedience to forgive him then all would be lost anyway. Now Kulla finds himself fighting for his Chosen while fighting Beletseri and her demons who cannot kill the Immortals but can ruin any chance they have of finding their Chosen. What happens between Kulla and Obedience and what happens with the other Immortals is something that shouldn’t be missed.  If you haven’t started this series it is not to late to do so and I am sure you will not be sorry.

There is sex and explicit torture but then this is a book filled with demons, witches,warlocks and Immortals so it should come as no surprise.