Escape Club: Justice Book Cover Escape Club: Justice
An Escape Club Heroes Short Story
Regan Black
Getaway Reads, LLC
August 24, 2017

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

There is nothing more I can say to a reader, that IF you love to read Regan Black is a go to author. Anything that comes from her pen so to speak, is magic! Reading her work for almost ten years, she has the power to write in any genre, whether it be fantasy, UF, Military, thrillers or love stories and it is like Calgon take me away.

This 23 page short, is short and sweet and gives us a view of the club Grant and Katie have founded as Grant “Had a Dream” There has become a password of sorts that has gone out thru the communities that if one needs some help so it was not uncommon for an employee to come to Grant with ‘an Alexander’ request.

In the bar watching the band on stage a young girl has a gun and wants to shoot a band member. It is short and sweet and gets the job done and the message across to why her readers love her so much….well worth the time….and stay tuned Escape Club Sabotage releases Sept 28th…..