Escape Club Book Cover Escape Club
Prequel to Escape Club Heroes
Regan Black
Romantic Suspense
Getaway Reads, LLC
July 11, 2016

Review y Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I LOVE REGAN BLACK!!! There, I said it. I have been reading her work for almost 10 years and she never disappoints. The amount of genres she attempts only show her talent. Everything from her pages is music…she writes rhapsodies.

So today I am on the threshold of a new series, Escape Club Heroes, and this short prequel explains what the Escape Club is and why it is needed. Grant Sullivan, wounded warrior from the Philadelphia PD, cannot sit back and twiddle his thumbs. He has the funds to do something for himself and the community he loved to serve.

His dream was to open a night club, fill it with wonderful bands and if he sat in with them during the evening and played, well that’s the perk of being an owner.

The story was very short, we did not get the bigger story of He and Katie…But I am looking forward to take this ride.