Eternal Fires Book Cover Eternal Fires
Guardian Witch Book 7
Ally Shields
Paranormal Romance
Etopia Press
March 17, 2015

Guardian Witch Book Seven

It started with the murder of a stranger. Then the crows appeared...

Ari and Andreas know the O-Seven will never leave them alone. Ari is carrying Andreas's mortal child, but the vampire elders are convinced the child will be the first vampire baby and are out to posses it. Or kill it. Either way, Ari and Andreas will do anything to keep their unborn child safe, even if it means Ari has to go into hiding and leave Andreas exposed to the O-Seven alone.

But then the O-Seven call on the Mahmo magic that can turn an elder into a winged killer, and each time Ari runs, they find her again. The only way to protect their child's future is to defeat the O-Seven, once and for all. And to do that, Ari will have to face the elders head-on in their castle stronghold deep in Germany's Black Forest...

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Arianna (Ari) Calin is seven months pregnant. As the supernatural cop for Riverdale’s Magic Council, she has been called to a murder scene involving the death of a young nymph. With her human partner, Ryan Foster, they try to discover not only the cause of the nymph’s death, but who she is. This death is going to bring Ari and Andreas in greater danger than ever before. They have faced death many times from the O-Seven, the brutal vampire elders, but now it is their child they are most concerned about.

When Ari went back in time in the last book, she met and fell in love with Andreas while he was still human and conceived a child. This is a miracle child because vampires are sterile. The child Ari carries is their only chance to have a child of their own. They will do whatever is necessary to protect it.

Attacks don’t come from vampires but from crows. Thousands of crows have invaded Riverdale and they all are centered around Ari. Since she is coming close to her due date, Andreas is determined that she stay safe and hide out. However, wherever she goes, the crows turn up. How are they finding her? Is she being betrayed? Crows would be bad enough, but then there is a giant crow, a crow that is black magic and is actually a warlock. Then, added to the mix, are hellhounds.

All of Riverdale is in trouble and finding a safe place for Ari is getting harder and harder. The one constant is the love Andreas and Ari have for each other and the loyalty and devotion of their friends. The only chance everyone has is if the O-Seven are destroyed. How do you destroy seven of the most powerful creatures that exist? Andreas even finds himself seeking help from one of the O-Seven, an old enemy, Bastian. Bastian has helped before, but whose side is he really on? There is no one else who knows the O-Seven other than one of their kind.

Once again Ms. Shields has written an amazing story filled with betrayals, love, vampires, werewolves, werelions, and suspense. Every book in this series is filled with excitement. From beginning to end there is non-stop action. This is a series that must be read in order, but Ms. Shields never leaves her reader hanging. Each story line has a conclusion and she brings you up to date in each sequel. She is an author I would readily read again and again. Many times, I shy away from series unless it is an author I know will not leave me wondering what happened when the book ends. I applaud Ms. Shields and other authors like her who leave their readers happy at the end of each book.

I highly recommend this series and anyone who loves a good paranormal romance will love this one. My only regret is that it is over. I wonder when Ms. Shields will be writing another one?