Eternal Scars Book Cover Eternal Scars
A. L. Williams
LGBT, Fantasy, Dark Horror, Interracial Daddy Kink
Independently Published
November 14, 2020

Two Scars… one choice….

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Reviewed by Xanthe

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I’ve really enjoyed the Scars series so far. There have been an eclectic mix of character types and
backgrounds as well as the relationships and plots that play out in each book. Eternal Scars is no
different as we follow Ben and Corbin who are both still dealing with the grief of losing a loved one
in very different ways. What brings drama to the story is Ben’s mother, someone who has some
serious attachment issues, coming to take him back to the Fae realm with her. Unfortunately, Corbin
gets caught up in the argument and she then has her sights set on him. In order to keep him safe, Ben
keeps Corbin close, closer than either man really wanted as they find it harder to not act on the
obvious desire that they have for each other.

We have two different men in Ben and Corbin. Ben is all about one-night stands and his work on the
force with Alec (from book one) whereas Corbin works constantly at his café and struggles with
depression and nightmares when at home. Ben is obvious in his attraction to Corbin from their first
meeting but their friends are quick to warn him off, wanting to protect Corbin. When they are forced
together in order to keep Corbin safe, there’s nowhere to hide as they both stay at Ben’s home. A lot
of tension and running from intense moments occur through much of the story as while both know
how they feel towards the other man, neither is willing to risk their heart when it comes to loving
another after the losses that they have both experienced. Any time that they do spend together, when
they get caught up in the moment, it’s obvious how good they are together and are perfect in
providing what the other needs with certain inclinations revealed in the moment as well as in
flashback moments of Corbin with his wife several years before.

The story moves forward at a good pace, developing well in plot and the relationship. Ben’s mother
makes a very convincing bad guy of the story, totally crazy in her way of thinking and incapable of
seeing it any other way. She’s powerful and aggressive, bringing pain and suffering to those in her
way. It’s good having all of the previous characters back but it did take me a couple of chapters to
remember who was who and their history. It would definitely help to have some kind of glossary with
names, relationship etc for those who have read the series, which is something I recommend as it
helps with continuity of relationships and background that comes up through the story, though it is
possible to be read as a standalone.

This is a great addition to the Scars series and well worth reading.

Please read the trigger warnings in the author note as there is at least one moment that is hard to read
as you are in the moment with the character.