Every Other Weekend Book Cover Every Other Weekend
TA Moore
M/M Mystery
Dreamspinner Press
October 23, 2018

Divorce lawyer Clayton Reynolds is a happy cynic who believes in hard work and one-night stands. He also believes that being an excellent lawyer means he never has to go home to the miserable trailer park where he grew up and that volunteering at a women’s shelter will buy off the conscience that occasionally plagues him. So when Nadine Graham comes in with a broken arm and a son she desperately wants to protect, Clayton can’t turn down their plea for help.

Taking the case means appealing to investigator “Just Call Me Kelly” for help. That wouldn’t be so bad if Kelly weren’t a hopeless romantic… and the hottest man Clayton’s ever met.

Kelly has always had a crush on the unobtainable Clayton Reynolds. He agrees to help, even though he has enough on his plate with the motherless baby his widowed brother left him to care for.

As Nadine’s case turns dangerous and the two seemingly opposite men are forced to work together, they discover they have a great deal in common—but solving the case and saving Nadine’s life might cost Kelly everything.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

T.A Moore was introduced to me by a friend……..I must get my friend a gift to thank her…This is my first book to read from this author but not my last. Ms Moore writes for Dreamspinner Press, and I do read many of their authors…. Can’t see how she was missed….

We meet divorce lawyer Clayton Reynolds, as he applies his belief in hard work and one-night stands. His need to justify this finds him saying goodbye to the one nite stand in his bedroom. I assumed his attitude is somewhat tainted from his  years as a divorce attorney, watching couples who earlier were in love, entering marriage with the right reasons; only to become feral fighting for the last vestige of hate to win.

So when the case starts out a a pro bono case with a battered wife and young child, Clayton will attempt to pass it on to another. He just needs a bit of help from an associate who is an investigator to get him some info…Enter just call me Kelly!

Kelly is he person without guile. Open, handsome, and has been attracted to Clayton for years…he accepts Clayton’s offer for help . Kelly from a ‘very large’ family carries his own baggage….but now babysitting  his brothers infant son doesn’t seem to faze him in the least….. . We also find, Clayton the loner is not the well dressed snob he seemed to be. Wow what a match!!!

Ms Moore has written a interesting story, a great mystery, with a great deal of suspense. Her writing of Kelly’s disjointed family clearly was tempered with wit and charm. I loved it!!!! You will too