Eyes Only for Me Book Cover Eyes Only for Me
Eyes of Love Book 1
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
November 23, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Clayton Potter has had a crush on his straight friend Ronald Marvelli for quite a long time. Ronnie is quite a character, he suffers from OCD has alot of money and women and has a very dirty mouth.

Ronnie lost his father two years ago and with his OCD has not been able to come to grips with his loss. He goes from one girl to another, usually younger than his forty years, but never seems able to settle down. He had a long term relationship with his girlfriend Maggie but somehow he managed to mess it up.

Clay is also forty and longs for a relationship. Like Ronnie he was in a long term relationship with his boyfriend of almost eight years Brian but it came to a crashing end. Everything changes for the two men when Clay’s father has a stroke and Ronnie insists on driving him to the hospital and staying with him till his father is stable. RonnieĀ  knows better than anyone how hard it is for Clay since he went through the same thing two years ago. It was Clay that was there for him and helped him get through it.

While in the hotel Ronnie once again opens his dirty mouth telling Clay that he is horny and wants him to help him. Clay knows that going to Ronnie’s bed would be the worst thing he could do because it would leave him open to major heartbreak. Ronnie loves women and Clay loves Ronnie but what his head tells him doesn’t matter, it’s what his body and heart tell him that matter.

The sex between the two is so incredible that Ronnie begins to wonder if he is gay, but that thought dies when he realizes that he still loves women and all their body parts. Could he be bi-sexual? When he is with Clay his mind is clear, no thoughts about work or anything else just what his body is going through. This feeling is nothing he has felt before even when he is having sex with a woman his mind is elsewhere all the time. Clay brings calm to his chaotic mind.

I loved both characters in this book and the realization that it is not who you have sex with but who you love. If a person is lucky enough to find that special someone and he or she is the opposite sex, so what! There is very explicit sex but when Clay explains verbally what he wants to do to Ronnie it is very very hot. Can Ronnie come to terms with the fact that he loves sex with a man?