Fallow Book Cover Fallow
Whyborne & Griffin
Jordan L. Hawk
MM Historical/Mystery/Paranormal/Romance
Widdershins LLC
August 8, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This is the eighth book in the Wybornne and Griffin series, yet again so exciting and even more terrifying. The heart of the story is Griffin who has journeyed back to his hometown in Kansas as we watch through his eyes his past, the past that he suffered and still suffers losing his only family.

Wybornne has been carrying the problems of the world on his shoulders since he was touched by the maelstrom. He blames himself for all the destruction that happened to Widdershins. Griffin is worried about him, and hopes the changes in Wybornne are temporary. Wybornne is guilt ridden for all the pain he feels he has inflicted on Griffin, and cannot help but think Griffin would be better off without him.

Our story begins when Wybornne receives a letter from a Ralph Delancy who is coming to Widdershins bringing with him information about new attacks. He is shot and killed at the museum by a Mr. Odell. They both have come from Fallow, Griffin’s hometown.Discussion held where the trip to Fallow is made by the fearless four, Whybornne, Griffin, Christine and Zander.

Returning home as an adult who has traveled about, Griffin sees the town through different eyes. The drought has put a blight on all the crops, except his mothers farm and Griffin’s wish is to keep his mother from harm, from the underlying sinister threat the town faces and be accepted by her  once more.

The occult theme of this story really brought the genre for me to Horror, as Ms. Hawk ramped up the message for readers to what and who truly Wybornne and Griffin have become since the first book.

I cannot give you any spoilers, you will have to take this ride alone, but  a friendly warning, keep the lights on while going through the corn fields. Jordan you rock my world with these books. Another horrifying read Ms. Hawk.