Family Matters Book Cover Family Matters
Parker Williams
LGBT, Gay, BDSM, Romance
Dreamspinner Press
February 25, 2020

Patrick Lane escaped his alcoholic parents when he made it to college. But when they ditched his siblings under the pretense of returning in a few hours, Patrick made a solemn vow that he would raise Joey and Jenna as his own, ensuring they would never doubt they were loved. And it’s a promise he’s done his best to keep, no matter how hard it’s been.

Seth Clarke owns his own business, has a nice house, and parents and a brother who love him. But he isn’t satisfied and never has been. The men he’s been with complain he’s a perfectionist, and Seth knows it’s true. When he meets Patrick, he’s intrigued. Just when it seems something wonderful is getting off the ground between them, Seth meets Joey and Jenna, and he panics. He hates messes, and kids are the worst.

It takes two very strong women to open Seth’s eyes to the truths he’s been doing his best to forget. Now Seth has a choice. He can walk away from Patrick, leaving his heart behind, or he can step up and discover that family matters more than anything.

Contains light BDSM elements.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

At the age of eighteen, Patrick Lane was finally able to go to college and leave his alcoholic parents far behind. Life, however, had plans for him, and they were not what he expected. His mother became pregnant and gave birth to twins, a boy, Joey, and a girl, Jenna, leaving Patrick to wonder how they could possibly care for two children when they couldn’t care for him.

One night, his parents managed to guilt him into babysitting for his siblings. This was when his life took an unexpected and life changing turn. His parents never returned and abandoned the babies leaving Patrick with a decision let them go to Children’s Services or raise them with the love and care he never got. With help from his best friend, Travis, and his mother they were able to locate Patrick’s parents and got them to sign away their parental rights giving Patrick custody. He quit school, and with Travis’ mom’s help, he was able to work at home designing websites. Although not the life he imagined for himself, his love for Joey and Jenna became all-consuming. Their welfare and happiness were all he cared about. Travis and his girlfriend helped make everything possible, always there to watch the kids, give him some relief. and always there for his own comfort.

Patrick has always dreamed of a life of BDSM, but he is a virgin. He never had time to try anything, so with insistence from Travis, he went to a party hoping to meet someone of like mind, someone who would teach him the lifestyle. It took great courage for him to even enter the room and when he did, he was ready to run back out, until a man approached him and seemed to know what Patrick needed.

Seth Clarke was taken with Patrick as soon as he saw him, a young man lost, shy and unsure. He was more than ready to take him under his wing, but Seth has a problem with messes. He has no clue Patrick is raising two children, children who he considers to be the messiest. Things go well between Patrick and Seth until Patrick introduces him to the kids. The shock on Seth’s face is undeniable. Children were not something he would accept in his life. Although Patrick is not aggressive when it comes to his children, there are no holds barred.

Patrick could never consider being with anyone who wouldn’t accept his kids. They are his first and only priority. As a dom, Seth realizes that Patrick is perfect for him, but he must grovel to get him to accept his apology and give him another chance. He also must apologize to Travis and his girlfriend are very serious about anything or anyone who hurts Patrick.

This was a beautiful story about two men I couldn’t help but love and two wonderful children. There was also a lesson that I wish people could learn from, but that is doubtful. Patrick was a virgin and never brought anyone to his home other than Travis and Denise. However, Joey loved beautiful things and loved wearing dresses. The thought that living with a gay or transgender person would affect the kids is garbage. Heterosexual people give birth to gay people every day, so are they at fault?