Fate Book Cover Fate
Drag.Me.To.Hell. Series Book 3
Nadine Nightingale
YA Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
January 24, 2018

My life used to be simple. I woke up, hit the road, and offed some witches. Yeah, I’m a witch hunter. Killing witches is my fate—embedded in my DNA—and I thrive on it. Or I did...until one of them ended up in my bed…And heart.

Amanda Bishop—infuriating, arrogant, stab-worthy—proclaimed she’d fight Lucifer himself over my soul. My treacherous heart believed her. Then, she ran. Again.

Amanda’s best friend, Bonnie, thinks she’s in trouble, the killing kind. Bonnie works her charm on my brother, and he offers our services to find Amanda, the witch that broke my heart.

The Bishop residency is ransacked—Amanda, her sister, and nephew missing. My new mission? Find Amanda. Preferably, alive. But I get more than I bargained for when secrets are revealed. They will either make or break the hunter-witch love story. In the end, it solely depends on fate.

Reviewed by: Cassandra Wengewicz

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild

Alex is a witch hunter who finds himself in the life of an atypical witch…Amanda Bishop. She is anything but ordinary. Amanda makes him feel all the emotions he fails to recognize because they are shadowed by her arrogant, enraging behavior. He wants to hate her but when his ex -another witch known as Bonnie or Queen B- thinks her BFF Amanda is in danger, Alex finds himself with no choice but to tag along.

When the trio gets to Amanda’s residence they find it destroyed, affirming Bonnie’s belief. Alex, Jesse, and Bonnie set out on a mission…to find Amanda before it is too late. The mission soon becomes something far greater than Alex ever dreamed it could. Enemies become friends and friends become enemies. Secrets once kept hidden are now revealed. Will Alex save Amanda or will this mission and its secrets prove to be too much for this witch hunter?

This is an action-packed book that has a new turn of events in every chapter. It is hard to put down because you know something else is about to happen, but you have no idea what it will be. The characters are compelling and cause the reader to feel empathy for their predicaments. I did not read the two previous books in this series, but found it very easy to understand what was occurring. The author did a wonderful job adding flashbacks to remind readers of past events that caused current ones. If you love a fast paced, action-filled, love surpasses all, romance…this novel is a great choice.