Five Brothers Series Book 2
Melissa Bell
Paranormal Romance
September 5, 2014

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

In book one we had Houston’s story and now we have Felan’s. We go from his childhood to his eventual life in Australia with his brothers and their Five Brothers Security company. He had a very difficult life growing up but he didn’t lack in love from his mother, Valerie. He was a tall, skinny kid and was constantly bullied. Felan’s mom worked in a bar and was called all kinds of names but it was her boss Mackey that became a father figure to him. Johnny beat on Felan until he beat him so severely that Felan’s mom decided to take action. She knew that he could do just about anything with a computer and so she set out to destroy Johnny and his family.

Felan found enough information to ensure that Johnny would turn himself into the police and that Felan would be guaranteed a full scholarship to college. In the end Johnny won because he killed Valerie and burned down the bar she inherited from Mackey. It happened on his twenty-first birthday and that is why Houston was there. He came to help Felan through his shift so besides finding out he would turn into a wolf and suffer physical pain he also found out his mother was dead and suffered emotional pain. We revisit his night at the bar “The Tank” when he first saw Elizabeth Crane, a girl he knew he had to have and a girl who would wind up kidnapped.

When we left Felan in book one he was sitting by Liz’s bedside and that is where we pick up their story. When she awakens she is frightened and agrees to go home with him. She never wanted to go to the club but gave in when pressured by her housemate and it cost her dearly. Now inspite of what happened she feels she can trust Felan and he is obsessed with protecting her. Of course, it does not take long before they are in bed together and Felan does exactly what Houston did to Cameron, bite her making her his mate. The bond was complete when she also bit him but she had no idea what any of that meant.

The first chance Liz had she ran something she has been doing for years. When her biological mother died she was adopted by a family who believed in keeping their blood pure which meant they practiced incest. The night her step-father came into her room intending to rape her she fought back and he accidentally got stabbed by a piece of plastic from her headphones since then she has been running from them and she fears putting Felan in danger.

We finally find out who killed Cameron’s housemate in book one and we watch as Felan and Liz grow closer. There are secrets, surprises, sex and suspense. I can’t wait for book three. Although the books do not have to be read in order I would suggest doing so this way you don’t miss out on anything.