Finding the Perfect Mate: A Contemporary Vampire Romance Book Cover Finding the Perfect Mate: A Contemporary Vampire Romance
Bitten by Love Book 6
Stacy McKitrik
Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Mythical Press
April 1, 2020

Finding the Perfect Mate just got way more complicated.
When Perry pledges abstinence until he meets a Perfect Mate—a rare mortal perfect for a vampire—he doesn’t expect to be tested. Especially by another vampire. But Mandy smells like heaven. Has a sexy British accent. And is the smartest person he’s met. She’s just so … perfect. If he holds on to his fantasy, will he lose his chance at love?

Finding the perfect vampire was never on her radar.
Mandy hasn’t seen her father in 500 years but when he goes missing she drops everything and heads for the States, only to discover the Russian vampires kidnapped him. She insists on being involved in his rescue and suggests she and Perry—who’s sexy as sin and makes her laugh—infiltrate as lovers. As they pretend, she realizes he’s just so … perfect. But she’s got a secret that will mean her death. Can she trust him not to turn her over to the authorities or does she keep mum and let him go?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I want to start this review by acknowledging that this is the sixth book in the series and the first one I have read. I did not in any way feel lost by not having read the first five books. However, if you haven’t started this series, I would recommend for your own enlightenment and enjoyment that you begin with book one.

The perfect mate is a human, male or female that cannot be controlled by a vampire, they can’t be turned and their minds are unreadable, they also give their mate the ability to walk in the sun. When a vampire touches his perfect mate, he can feel if he or she is for him and that is what Perry Davenport is determined to find. He is practicing abstinence so that when he meets his perfect mate he will come to her untouched by another, but his dream of the perfect mate will be challenged when he meets Mandy Groves.

Mandy Groves was turned five hundred years ago. When her parents were near death she turned them, but only her father turned successfully. Mandy’s father has hated her and refused to see her all that time but he has disappeared and she has been called to come to the Headquarters of the US Committee which her father heads. Working with Perry to infiltrate the Russian Committee led by Dimitri, a power hungry vampire determined to rule Russia without the interference of a committee, is responsible for kidnapping Barnet. Barnet has been looking to find Alexi Popolov, the author of a book about perfect mates and Dimitri is determined to stop him at all costs. Dimitri believes that perfect mates are an abomination and should be destroyed.

Working as a couple and having to put on a believable act Mandy and Perry are forced to act the part, hugging, kissing, and sex since there is no doubt the room they are in is bugged. Mandy is aware of Perry’s desire for the perfect mate even as her feelings towards him become stronger. She knows once they find Barnet and go their separate ways, there will be nothing left of the relationship they are putting on.

What happens to Barnet, Mandy, and Perry is not something I will discuss in this review. I will say that I loved the book and the ending left me satisfied. I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves a paranormal romance with suspense, sex, romance, and secrets.