Finngarick Book Cover Finngarick
Order of the Black Swan, D.I.T. Book 2
Victoria Danann
Paranormal Romance
dba 7th House, Imprint of Andromeda LLC
September 29, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the second book in the D.I.T. series and although the title is Finngarick the majority of the book covered the formation of the new Black Swan organization and involved Rosie more than Sir Torrent Finngarick. This book is Glendennon Catch’s memories which he agreed to with the urging by his wife Rosie.

Rosie finds herself trying to put together the D.I.T. division which involves finding the right hunters and finding the right people to help her. She enlists the help of her Uncle Rammel Hawking and her husband Glenn since her new position is something she has never done before. The first thing she has to do is find an assistant and with help from Simon she now has Havershmeld Grieve a man with quite a lot of experience. Her next project is finding the right name for herself and she goes from Commissioner to Commander since Grieve talked her out of Sheriff.

Ram recommended Sheridan and Shivaun O’Malley, twins from an Elfin village who have never advanced into the modern age. The twins run feral in the woods and have a reputation for never obeying orders but they are amazing in the use of a bow and arrow and they have since childhood decided that they would never mate but would do whatever they had to to save the world. Now Rosie has to convince them to join the D.I.T. and try to find the right people to acclimate them to modern times, televisions, cars, planes and everything else we have grown accustomed to.

After weeks of set up Rosie finally finds her hunters and a training camp. When she sets up the partnerships she puts Sheridan and Finngarick together. It didn’t take Torn long to realize that not only is Sheridan his partner but his mate as well and he has a job ahead of him in convincing her that the promise she and her twin made would not hold up.

I have loved every book in this series but unfortunately I did not feel the same about this one. The majority of the book as I said previously involved setting up the new division and had little to do with Torn and Sheridan. In addition to that I was shocked to find out that the book ended in a cliffhanger something that had never happened before. The one thing that kept me reading was Rosie and her attempt to set up and run an entire division. She made me laugh on more than one occasion with her gung ho approach and her constantly confusing poor Grieve who keeps trying to learn her ways.

Even though I did not enjoy this book as much as the previous ones I am still looking forward to more in this series and hope that this was the one and only time there will be a cliffhanger.