Fire and Rain Book Cover Fire and Rain
Carlisle Cops
Andrew Grey
MM Romance
Dreamspinner Press
January 11, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Kip Rogers, an officer with the Carlisle Police Department, has finally broken up with his boyfriend who has done nothing but use him. Now Kip wants to concentrate on keeping the streets of Carlisle safe. While on patrol he sees a figure sitting under a building entrance covered in a blanket. This figure would play a major part in Kip’s life.

Josten Applewhite is homeless and is caring for his four year old brother Isaac. Under the blanket is a wet, hungry little boy and when Kip offers help Jos refuses it. As with many homeless, Jos is unable to trust. No one does anything without wanting something in return. Kip has no choice but to let Jos go. It was a short time later that Kip saves Jos once again when he is about to be raped. Now Jos has no alternative but to accept the help that is offered to him.

Kip takes Jos and Isaac home with him and for the first time in what seems like a long time they finally have a hot meal, a shower for Jos, and a bath for Isaac. They also have a room and a bed. Jos keeps waiting for the shoe to drop and find out what Kip’s motives are, but there aren’t any. Jos wants a normal life for his little brother but as hard as he tries there are those who get in the way of that happening. He was thrown out of his small apartment by a slumlord without any notice and without being able to take his important papers with him. He lost his job and that is how he wound up on the streets.

Kip and some of the other Carlisle cops are determined to get Jos whatever help he needs. In the meantime Jos and Isaac stay with Kip. Jos wants a job and a place of his own and before long everything seems to be falling into place. Then, a relative he never saw, his mother’s sister, comes knocking. She wants custody of Isaac and that is something Kip will never allow to happen. He has fallen, and fallen hard for Jos, and he absolutely loves Isaac. Once again someone comes calling with ulterior motives.

This, like all the books of Mr. Grey I have read, had me laughing and crying. Jos is a character who pulls at your heartstrings, and Kip is a man you can’t help but love. Then there is little Isaac who is in my opinion the star of the show. He is the kind of child any parent or grandparent would love to have. He is loving, affectionate and beyond adorable. It is hard not to feel emotional when there is a young child involved. Whenever Isaac was mentioned, I laughed and cried. So yes, Mr. Grey, once again had my emotions all over the place and I loved every minute of it.