Five Minutes to Love Book Cover Five Minutes to Love
Serendipity Book 2
Jennifer Wilck
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
March 21, 2018

Aviva Shulman has had enough of the dating scene. Her father valued his high-powered career over his wife and family. She wants something more, someone who values her. But her roommates are determined to find her the perfect match.

Jacob Black doesn't have time for relationships. A third-year law student, he's focused on studying and getting a high-paying job with a top-notch law firm. But his overbearing mother wants him to find someone and settle down.

Their paths cross at a speed dating event and sparks fly. But is five minutes long enough to determine a future together?


Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the second book in this series and I would recommend reading out of order. In book one we learned what happened with Jacob and Aviva so their story should be first. The only reason for the three star rating was due to the fact that there were no surprises.

Aviva Shulman has given up on dating career men since she lived her entire life with her father who always put his career before his family and that is definitely something she does not want. Convinced she needs a rest from dating she gives into her roommate and agrees to go to speed dating and again after listening to one man after another talk about their accomplishments she is ready to pull the hair out of her head until Jacob Black sits down.

Jacob is studying for his finals in law school and after that would be studying for his bar exam but from the moment the two met there was chemistry especially since they immediately realized neither was happy where they were and together they escaped the torture.

Although Aviva sees something special in Jacob she also sees his drive to be a powerful lawyer but he convinces her that he will always have time for her. In spite of all his studying he still manages to meet her, text her or call her and so she believes that he will be different than her father. That was all well and good until he advised her that he would be working for a huge Manhattan law firm where there was no doubt he would be spending the major part of his time at work. Even when he is offered a job at a firm that respects their workers families and believes that there should be a happy medium between the two he still sees himself in a powerful firm.

Aviva and Jacob fall in love but will his determination to have a huge career in spite of the time he has to devote to it come between them? Will Jacob be a man who puts love before career?

As I stated above I already knew what the relationship was between Jacob and Aviva after reading book one so I do suggest reading book two first, that is only my opinion because that is how I wish I had read them.