Flight Book Cover Flight
The Voodoo Butterfly Series Book Three
Camille Faye
Paranormal Romance
Soul Mate Publishing, LLC
April 24, 2019

Sophie Nouveau ventures to faraway Malaysia to seek answers about why her true love, Taj, broke up with her and returned to his homeland. When she gets there, she realizes something has been haunting Taj’s kid brother. But is it mental illness or black magic?

While Sophie’s a world away, a customer claims she is poisoned by a potion from Seraphina’s House of Voodoo. As a result, the FDA shuts down Sophie’s shop pending an investigation into the incident. So she rushes back to New Orleans only to realize a traitor is at the root of all this bad mojo. That person, who’s in cahoots with Dr. Bones, wants to usurp the title of Voodoo Queen from the Papillon family line forever.


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When we left Sophie in book two, she was still trying to come to grips with why Taj left and told her he was never coming back. Her only way of finding out is to go to Malaysia and see him face to face for answers. Malaysia is like a different world to Sophie. I can relate to her shock at having to squat to use the bathroom; I had the same experience in Thailand. When she arrives at Taj’s home she discovers that his ten year old brother Dev is ill. No doctor has been able to help him, so the question is: is it supernatural, as his mother believes, or is it something else?


Taj reveals to Sophie his reason for leaving and it had nothing to do with his love for her, a love that was as strong as ever. At a time when his little brother is suffering, he had to be with his parents and help. His mother and father finally reveal the truth about who was to blame for him leaving the love of his life. While in Malaysia, Sophie begins to have nightmares again. One involves a theft at her and Poppy’s apartment and the theft of a glass eye that her mother kept in a small box. We will learn the significance of the eye, but it is not something I will reveal.


Once again Sophie is dealt another blow. This one involves the shop and a customer who insists that a potion Poppy sold her caused her to be poisoned. Now the FDA has stepped in and closed the shop. Her loa informs her there is a traitor who wants to end the Papillon line and put an end to Sophie’s chances of being the next voodoo queen. She has no choice but to head home as fast as possible.


It is imperative for Sophie to start her priestess training. She has a lot to learn since she should have been taught from childhood. Her mother failed to teach her when she ran away from everything. We do finally get an answer as to why her mother suddenly went from a loving mom to a drunk, but there is still more to learn, and I for one can’t wait. 


Well guess who’s back? Yes, you are right: Dr. Bones and he wants Sophie on his side. Once again, he and his wolves are causing Sophie trouble. We learn about his relationship with the LaLaurie family and it is another thing I won’t reveal.


I love this series, I loved this book, I hate that I have to wait for book four. I will wait because there are questions I still want answered. I want to find out if I am right about Sophie’s mom, my guess, and again I am not sharing.