For the Love of a Boy Book Cover For the Love of a Boy
Father Series Book 2
Morticia Knight
MM Romance
Knight Ever After Publishing
December 5, 2019

I was living in darkness. Cold and alone, I was gripped by the agony of loss and grieving for an existence I no longer believed I could have. Then he appeared in my life and I thought that maybe, just maybe, I’d been gifted with another chance at happiness. That I might be allowed the privilege of loving and caring for another man.

That I could have my very own boy…

A new beginning is more than Malcolm ever dared wish for.

Now that Malcolm has claimed Seth as his boy, he’s determined to be the perfect Daddy for the man he adores. Whatever his boy needs, he’ll make sure he gets it. But more than that, he’s sworn in his heart to protect him with his life. Seth’s bastard of a father and the twisted church that abused his boy had better stay away from them—or else.

Seth has discovered comfort and safety in his Daddy’s arms.

Finally, Seth accepts that a life filled with joy is possible. He believes that love is what matters more than anything and that he has nothing to be ashamed of. However, the demons of his past still taunt him, lurking in the shadows of his mind where they try and snatch away his happiness. Sometimes it seems as if his lingering fears will never be vanquished.

And sometimes, being afraid is a warning that should be heeded…

Note: For the Love of a Boy is the continuation of Malcolm and Seth's journey of love, redemption and healing in the Father series trilogy. The first book, In the Name of the Father, should be read prior to this one. However, you can be assured that none of the books in the Father series end on a cliffhanger and that this age gap, Daddy/boy series with lots of hurt/comfort contains a sweet forever after.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team   

This is the second book in the series. Before you read this review, I highly suggest beginning with book one, in the Name of the Father, or you would not have the important details of what Seth suffered in his life.


Although Seth is beginning to accept his Daddy/boy dynamic and is deeply in love with Malcolm, he still can’t put his past behind him. Knowing that Seth needs more than he can give him, Malcolm has finally convinced Seth to see a therapist who deals with PTSD. With the holidays coming, Seth is filled with excitement because he never got to celebrate them when he lived at home. Malcolm is determined to make the holidays a new happy memory.


Seth gets up the courage to visit the club where Malcolm met his past boy, Everett. Of course, he only went as far as the dance floor, but it was a beginning. Malcolm has been working hard at bringing down the church that Seth attended, including his father. When detectives come asking questions, it could put Seth back where he started from, afraid and worried about being rejected by Malcolm. Malcolm constantly assures him will never happen.


I stated previously in my last review for book one that I am not a huge fan of Daddy/boy dynamics, but I look past that because the story is much more than sex. It is a story of a boy who suffered at the hands of the church and his father, a church that should embrace love, not spew hatred, and a father who should love his child not berate and torture him.


There is a lot of sex but beside that there is a lot of caring and love.