Forbidden Blood Book Cover Forbidden Blood
Ironwrought Book 1
Anna Wineheart
M/M Paranormal Romance
May 29, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Thirty-year-old Oriel Lancaster is on the run from vampires and the FBI. Oriel has a very rare blood; when a vampire drinks it, they go insane and can’t get enough. The Vampire Coven wants him and the FBI wants what they believe will be a weapon they can use to destroy vampires.

Oriel finds himself in Minnesota where he survives by staying in abandoned homes and eating whatever he can find. He finally comes upon a mansion and he is convinced that this place will avail him of very good, very expensive food. Oriel sets himself up in the garage where he finds a huge freezer filled with all kinds of food. He can finally sate his appetite and, hopefully, can hide himself away here for a while.

Oriel has no idea that the mansion belongs to a vampire named Sebastian, and when he is discovered Oriel is convinced he will die. Seb is unlike other vampires because he doesn’t survive on human blood. When he finds his unwanted guest, he has no idea what to do with him. It seems the food Oriel stole led to the cook leaving because of arguments over who was stealing the food. Now without a cook, Seb offers the position to Oriel.

Oriel is drawn to Seb and the feeling is mutual. However, Seb was once betrayed by a human he thought loved him and trusting a human again is not easy. The attraction between Oriel and Seb leads them to Seb’s bedroom and that was only after one day. Oriel knows his presence could be a danger to Seb. Seb has no idea about Oriel’s blood and who is after him.

This is a short book filled with very explicit M/M sex. It contains betrayals, violence, and a human whose blood is deadly. Since this is the first book in a series, the author had to set up her characters and the world they are living in. I am sure that the next books will be much more detailed and I look forward to them. Although, I enjoyed this book things just happened very rapidly.