Forgive and Forget Book Cover Forgive and Forget
Dreamspun Desires Book 7
Charlie Cochet
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
April 1, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

The publishing companies have come back to the Harlequin idea of categorizing books into types. For readers it is easy to find what you want faster. Type into the Amazon Dreamspun Desires 1-7 and the list appears with wonderful Dreamspinner authors partaking in this series. This sweet romance written by Charlie Cochet for book #7 has it all, including apple cinnamon pie that I want the recipe for!!!

Joe Applin owns a piece of heaven, a small coffee and pie shoppe called Apple n Pies. It is tucked into a side street in mid-town Manhattan. Joe has a team of eclectic employees who love this store as much as they love Joe.

Bea is the head of the team, the ‘older adult’ keeping the kids in place. Elsie and Donnie are adorable. All  their lives change when finding a man out back unconscious and bleeding. It gets even stranger when this hot looking man cannot remember anything, and does not even know who he is.

Joe as a gut feeling that this man they name Tom, is not a danger and this story works through the mystery and the relationship that grows inside and outside the house of pies.
Joe has been hurt in the past, and treads carefully trying to keep his feelings at bay, but he feels the pull of Tom and his frustration on the blank void in his memory. Charlie Cochet gives us a wonderful mystery to solve and a wonderful,  sexy love story to  read.
If you like a quick pick me up, grab this book, smell the coffee and enjoy!!!