Forgiving Lance Book Cover Forgiving Lance
A Warrior's Redemption Trilogy, Book 2
M.D. Grimm
LGBT, Gay Fiction, Sword/Sorcery Fantasy
Independently Published
August 25, 2020

A tragic secret.

A trial of pain.

Gust holds a secret close to his heart, and it festers like an infected wound. While part of him wants to tell Lance so they can deal with it together, he fears what it will do to his friend. The last thing he wants to do is hurt the man he is falling in love with. And it never seems the right time as they pursue Ulfr’s warriors and elude hunting parties of royal soldiers.

Lance wants nothing more than to confess his love and undying loyalty to Gust. But he fears rejection. He has Gust’s friendship and dares not ask for more. He’s not yet a man worthy to ask for more. And as he continues on his self-imposed mission to cut down Ulfr’s warriors, he begins to wonder if he will ever find the redemption he so fiercely seeks.

When word of a new Scourge reaches them, their journey brings them to the war-ravaged kingdom of Grekenus. It is there that Lance is forced to face the actions of his past, and once again his life hangs in the balance. Now it is only Gust who can defend him against those thirsty for blood… and to Lance himself.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When we left off in book one Gust had decided to go with Lance in his quest for redemption. Finding and destroying the rest of Ulfr’s warriors and ensuring that they can do no more harm to the innocent. Their journey is filled with danger since they are wanted by Imperial soldiers and the very warriors they search for. Gust has found himself having to kill in order to protect Lance something Lance can’t forgive himself for. Unfortunately what will happen when Lance discovers that he was the one that killed Gust’s parents and it is something that Gust will have to reveal when the time is right. Gust hates Scourge but loves Lance and forgives him.

Lance will do anything in his power to protect using his warrior training for good instead of bad but when he begins fighting and killing those who deserve it he falls into blood lust and wants to keep on killing. It is Gust and Lance’s divine horse Brutus who are able to bring him out of it but what happens if they aren’t in time and he hurts an innocent.  Gust and Lance are visiting a village for supplies when the village is attacked and because of them the village is saved. They stay and train the women in healing and Lance trains them in using a sword and fighting. The men have all been taken to fight leaving children and women alone.

In spite of everything Lance and Gust do as soon as it is discovered that Lance was Scourge everyone turns on them. It was while there that everything that could go wrong did. How do you convince people who have lost family to Scourge that he is not that person any more. How do you make them see what Gust sees even though like the others he has lost family to Scourge. Then a new Scourge appears and Lance wants more than anything to put an end to him and ensure that no one can ever take his place. 

There is alot of Ancient Greek Mythology, spies and as much as I enjoyed that part of the story my main focus is on Gust and Lance. They love each other but never reveal their feelings, Lance believes he is not worthy of Gust and Gust is afraid confessing his love would scare Lance who has never known true love and might not be willing to accept it.

What will happen when Lance discovers Gust’s secret, what will happen if Lance is captured by the Imperial soldiers or by the new Scourge, well I can’t wait to find out. I highly recommend reading this series in order to fully understand the relationship between Gust and Lance and how Lance became a killing machine. I am sure that you will love Gust and Lance as much as I do. How can you not root for a man who is putting his murderous past behind him in order to protect people from someone like he used to be?