Fourth Fight Book Cover Fourth Fight
Heaven Sent Book 4
Mary Abshire
Paranormal, Romance, Suspense, Angels
Evernight Publishing
March 20, 2017

Andrew and Emily face their greatest challenge to date. The fourth demon Andrew must destroy is a country music singer who lives with her father in a well-protected location in California. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, they acquire security jobs for the celebrity. But when they discover the singer's dad is a demon and part of her current security team is well connected to the family, Andrew's task to kill the singer seems impossible.

Part of Emily's job is to select four attractive single women after concerts so the singer can party with them at a private spot. Emily suspects foul play and starts asking too many questions. Hoping to uncover the truth, Emily joins four fans on a ship. She quickly learns the singer has no intention of joining them.

As time passes, Andrew fears for the lives of Emily and the four women. After he seeks help, he realizes the risk involved in destroying demons is growing with each new one. Andrew longs to keep Emily safe, but to do so he must make a heartbreaking decision.

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Emily and Andrew are after their fourth demon only this one is more challenging than the first three. The demon is an up and coming country singer, Annabelle Butler who lives behind a heavily secure home and is constantly surrounded by security guards. There are cameras everywhere and so getting next to her is proving very difficult.

By accident Emily and Andrew find themselves in a position to try out for a security detail for Anna only they have to pass some very difficult tests. If that wasn’t difficult enough it turns out that her father Christopher is also a demon even though his name did not appear on Andrew’s arm. Also trying out are several ex-military men and Emily is the only female. Emily and Andrew keep their cover as a married couple and as a security team. They get the job and it could be due to Anna’s attraction to Andrew something that makes Emily’s skin crawl.

At the first concert that Emily and Andrew attend to protect Anna they finally become aware of what sin they believe she is responsible for. Although not sure, Emily and Andrew question Anna’s request that Emily bring four fans to her room to party. They have to be unmarried, at least twenty-one years old and beautiful, no fat women allowed so that lets me out. The girls are taken to a private party and Emily is determined to find out where they are taken. As always Andrew’s request for her to not to go anywhere without him falls on deaf ears. She is invited to the party which in spite of Andrew’s begging she attends. Now Emily is missing and Andrew still has the job of killing the demon but this time alone.

The question of what happens to the women is made clear and Emily finds herself in the same situation as the others. The only problem is that Anna and her father want to know who Emily really is and what she wants. Since she is stubborn and strong broken bones and a major whipping does not make her give any answers. Her biggest fear is being raped, she knows that broken bones and bloody wounds would heal but rape would damage her soul forever.

This is the point where I want to reveal all but I won’t. There is alot of sex, violence, rape and as much as I loved the first three books this one by far was my favorite. The books in this series are very easy to get into whereas many books take awhile. Emily has once again put her life in danger and it is time for Andrew to decide on the best way to protect her even if she hates him for it and it breaks his heart.

I highly recommend this series and recommend reading them in order. Since I am lucky enough to have book five I am going to sign off and start reading.