The Fourth Paladin Book Cover The Fourth Paladin
Maria Mercurio
Paranormal Romance
December 15, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Maya is almost nineteen but in all those years she has lived a very sheltered life. Maya learned at the age of fifteen what was required of her. She needed to remain pure of body and soul and would await her call to be a Paladin. If by the age of twenty she is not called upon, she is free to live the life she always dreamed of.

Being a Paladin requires a vow that would bind her to another being for life. If one dies the other dies, if one is away from the other for too long, they suffer unimaginable pain. It will be her duty to fight demons. Now she hopes she will not be called as her mother and grandmother weren’t called. She hopes to reach her twentieth birthday and be free. However, that doesn’t happen because at a charity event, she is approached by a woman named Dee. Maya knows immediately her time has come.

She has time to say goodbye to her family. To everyone else, she will appear to die in a car accident. It turns out that because of her determination to follow her parent’s rules she was chosen over the other girls who were not so committed. Now she knows that she will be bound to a man until death and will spend her time killing demons.

Maya is not the only story because we also have Delilah’s story. In 1100 BC Delilah is an oracle and a sacrifice must be made to rid the town of the evil killing crops, animals, and people. No one is willing to be the sacrificial lamb but Delilah finds out that it was her all along. She must look into a well and will be forever bound to the man that becomes a part of her. The man is Samson (sound familiar). Samson loves Delilah, but she is afraid to give up her independence the only thing she has left.

The pledge is not an easy one since it requires a lot of pain and being attached to another for eternity, or till death. It is a constant battle trying to destroy evil. For some reason, there can only be four Paladins bringing the total to eight with their other half. Maya’s other half is Chay, and unlike Samson, all he wants to do is fight. Maya begins to fall for him, but he refuses to allow anything between them but a partnership in killing demons.

I loved Delilah’s story and it kept me reading until I got back to her. Somehow the past is always more interesting than the present, at least to me. There are surprises for the chosen girls after they bond, surprises that are not hard to accept. I do recommend this book and you can make up your own mind as to which story you prefer. Of course the past and the present do come together.