The Foxling Soldati Book Cover The Foxling Soldati
Soldati Hearts Book 2
Charlie Cochet
M/M Fantasy/Shifters
Dreamspinner Press
August 16, 2017

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Charlie Cochet is a wonderful world building author. Her Thirds Series not only allows us to see the characters,  she tends to allow us to see many. Here again in Soldati 2, she allows secondary characters to interchange within stories as we saw Rayner and Toka in the Soldati Prince the first story behind the scenes. Now they come to the forefront for this novella.

Despite the amount of word and page count, each piece is filled with a strong story, real character interaction with different POV’s  and melting sex scenes you would not find in most. Although I love many pages, these novellas satisfy.

The second story continues with  King Khalon and Prince Riley blissfully in love. Riley is aware that his Foxling friend Toka and Rayner the friend, advisor and almost brother of the king have been hiding their feelings for each other for hundreds of years. In this world the caste system still rears its ugly head and the two have to sneak around and are not able to have each other as mates.

The first book took Ms Cochet helping us find our footing in who the Soldati are, what they are, and how they and their realm work with humankind. So it is important that you read them in order. Her second though has allowed our author to dive in and give us a great story as only Charlie Cochet can.

Loved it and of course we readers chant….WANT MORE!!!