His Fragile Heart Book Cover His Fragile Heart
Jamie Lynn Miller
Gay, Fiction, Romance
Amazon Digital Services LLC
July 4, 2017

Do you believe in the power of love, even after death? After losing his lover in a car accident two years ago, actor Nathan Marshall wasn't interested in another relationship. Until he meets waiter Justin Kowalski. Something about him seems so familiar that Nathan is instantly drawn to the younger man. Surprised at his capacity to love again, his relationship with Justin blossoms.

But then an unbelievable truth is revealed - one that could break both their hearts for good.

(Previously published in the anthology Finding Love: Boxed Set of M/M Stories that Celebrate Pride)

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Two years ago, an automobile accident left Nathan Marshall in a coma and his partner Mark dead. For four years, Mark and Nathan lived together and loved together and worked at making it in Hollywood. Finally, things were going their way. Nathan was finally working and Mark had written a screenplay which he hoped to sell and have produced. Unfortunately, an accident ended Mark’s dreams, but Nathan was determined to get his screenplay produced as an honor to the man he loved and lost.

One night Nathan took up an offer to go to a new restaurant with some friends. There he met a young waiter, Justin Kowalski, who would change his life. There was an instant attraction between the two men, and they felt that they had known each other before. Since Mark’s death Nathan has not had any desire to be with anyone but Justin changed that.

Nathan and Justin found each other and their love for each other grew, but something would be revealed that would change everything and possibly put an end to their relationship. Of course, I won’t reveal what happened, but I will say that this book was a beautiful story of love and loss, a story that touched my heart.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**