To Free a Phantom Book Cover To Free a Phantom
Spirit Chasers Book 3
Carrie Pulkinen
Paranormal, Mystery, Thriller, Ghosts, Phantoms
Amazon Digital Services LLC
February 7, 2018

Paranormal investigator and IT genius Gage Dawson sucks at dating. Ten times out of ten, his relationships don't make it past dinner. But when his childhood best friend comes back into his life, he's determined to take her all the way to breakfast. He never told her he loved her in high school. Hopefully he won't make that mistake again.

Psychic medium Erica Miller is struggling to make her haunted community theater a success. She's never had a problem with ghosts before, but when black-outs, confusion, and headaches plague her rehearsals, she'll need the help of a certain paranormal investigator to find the culprit.

Erica hasn't seen Gage since high school, and the nerdy boy-next-door she once called her best friend has grown into a mouth-watering specimen of a man. Will sparks fly between them, or will the spirits drive them apart?

To Free a Phantom is a standalone steamy paranormal romance, recommended for readers 18+, with a guaranteed happily ever after. While it is book 3 in the series, it can be read independently of the others.

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team  

Gage Dawson is a paranormal investigator and an IT genius who discovered that the girl he loved since high school and who was his best friend is now working in his building. It was ten years ago that Erica Miller left with her boyfriend Carter to head to Hollywood and it has been ten years since he regretted never telling her how he felt about her, now she is back but will he finally get to tell her how he feels.

Ten years ago Erica left with her boyfriend Carter only she did not find success or happiness. At the age of eight Erica was severly scared in a fire and when she went for auditions she always got the same response, there wasn’t enough makeup to cover her scars being a movie star would never happen. Things went better for Carter he finally made it and the first thing he did was tell Erica that he was leaving he couldn’t have an ugly girl on his arm. She finally returned to Michigan and discovered that her acting teacher and mentor Mrs. Spencer had killed her husband and then herself. In her will she left the community theater she owned to Erica. Now Erica has a business she never wanted and is trying to run acting classes to keep the theater afloat. Her day job is as a graphic designer and it is at that job she was reunited with her best friend Gage.

Erica has always had the ability to see spirits but was never able to help them cross over it is a secret she has never shared with anyone other than Mrs. Spencer but after spending some time with Gage she finally is able to trust enough to reveal her secrets. The first and most horrible secret is the one about the fire that left her body terribly scared leaving her ashamed and insecure. What happened in that fire is something you would have to read to feel the full impact of the pain Erica has felt since that day. She also revealed her ability to see and hear spirits and in spite of her secrets and her scars Gage is there for her, nothing has changed his feelings for her but getting her to feel the same is something he can only hope for.

While Erica and Gage start to rekindle their friendship and a chance at a relationship a strong spirit has other ideas. I won’t reveal who this spirit is but what happens inside that theater is worth the price of admission.

This is the third book in this series but it is a standalone and it is a story of a young girl whose scars are on the outside for the whole world to see and the world is not kind. It is a story of love and possession acceptance and it is a story worth reading.