From These Ashes Book Cover From These Ashes
Haven Hart, Book 4
Davidson King
Gay Romance, Bisexual Fiction
Amazon Digital Services LLC
November 28, 2018

A product of his past, Black spends half his time saving lives and the other half taking them. Every day, a hard choice must be made and he’s the man to make it. Long ago, he vowed to never love again; one-night stands with a willing body was all he ever needed. But along came Quill, and Black’s life is irrevocably changed. He never expects something as simple as Quill’s persistence to alter the way he not only sees the world, but how he lives it.

Quill has bad taste in men and equally horrible luck. Growing up wasn’t easy, surviving is even harder. When his past and present collide, he’s convinced he’ll finally witness his own destruction. But when an unlikely antihero steps in to protect him, his life is turned on its head. He’s spent months flirting with the man of his dreams and hoping he’d take notice. But it turns out, being on Black’s radar isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and his idea of protection varies greatly from Quill’s.

Unknowingly sharing the same goal—burying their own pasts deeper than the fires of hell can reach—they’re both unaware that jumping into that fire will do more than ignite their feelings, it could lead to their own demise. Will Black and Quill be consumed by the flames, or from these ashes, will they find their own happily ever after?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Finally Black gets his own book and if you have been following this series you are familiar with him and how often he has been involved in the various storylines. Black is Terrance Blackrose the owner of the Red Rose Protection Agency a security firm that hides his assassin organization so although he helps people he also kills them.

Book three was Bill and Mace’s story and in that book we briefly met Quill a barrister and a man who witnessed Mace killing a man. Instead of having Quill killed Black made him an employee, not assassinating but delivering packages whenever necessary. Black had no qualms about keeping Quill alive and was sure that he was a man that was loyal to a fault.

Quill is the total opposite of Black, he is 5’4″, changes his eye color with contacts, and always has a different color hair. He wears a lot of jewelry and Black has no doubt that his appearance is a way of hiding who he really is. Quill has had bad luck since the death of his father and with the death of his mother his luck went from bad to nightmarish living with his older brother.

He has been running from his brother but manages to find himself in an abusive relationship with his boyfriend Ronnie and when he breaks up with him Ronnie beats him once again putting him into the hospital.

When Quill doesn’t show up for a delivery and Black discovers why and he is determined to protect Quill and put an end to the abuse. What Black doesn’t understand is that Ronnie comes from a very influential family and he holds the threat of revealing Quill’s location to his brother Dylan. Black has no problem putting an end to anyone who gets in his way but when dealing with a family like Ronnie’s he decides to use the law instead.

Black is a scary man who doesn’t hesitate to kill if it is called for and runs an organization of assassins but there is always more to a person than meets the eye and Black’s past had everything to do with his present. In his quest to protect Quill he loses his heart a heart he closed off from love years ago when the girl he loved died but that is a story you need to read to truly understand the heartache he suffered and still suffers whenever he thinks about her.

Quill is an amazing character, quirky, always with a wise remark and all as a shield to protect himself. I couldn’t help but love him and feel for all the pain he suffered at the hands of those who should have loved him. When he finds a kitten in trouble he brings her to the vet and decides to call her, Her Majesty Lady Whiskers McMeower the Purrfect, which in and of itself should show what an amazing person he is, of course even he has to admit that the name is a little too long and calls her Lady Whiskers.

Just like Quill I couldn’t help but love Black a man who cares about his employees, unless they betray him of course, and who takes in a man who has never known love and has never had anyone to care about him except his friend Melissa. This book showed an entirely different side to Black and just proves that people are not always what they show you. There is explicit sex and violence but the violence was done to those deserving of it.