The Garden Book Cover The Garden
Lavender Shores Book 2
Rosalind Abel
M/M Romance
Wings of Ink Publications, LLC
July 25, 2017

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for The Paranormal Romance Guild

This is the second book in the Lavender Shores series. I really liked the first book and really, really liked this the second entry. We had seen glimpses of Gilbert in the first book, and truly wondered why he had such an aversion to this beautiful town.

We get to meet Walden and Gilbert first hand and truly see they are both battered and broken. Walden has joined the population of Lavender Shores as a teacher and is taking advantage of the acceptance of the LGBTQ community. Through Gilbert’s eyes and the eyes of his therapist we get to know his why. Walden meets Gilbert at the gym and their encounter becomes ‘a hook up to end all hook ups’ as we get to know their innermost secrets as they each begin to share.

This story is beautiful, tough, sexy, and fun all rolled into one. Seemed to me I was satisfied with everything about the relationship, the earned trust, the angst from the past, and the need for each of these young men to move forward. It was written with such care, that I felt our author did justice to their story with care, love, understanding and touches of humor when necessary.

Great second entry…cannot wait for #3