The Gift Book Cover The Gift
Las Vegas Escorts Book 2
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
August 10, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Well, Andrew Grey has done it again, wrote a book full of love, romance, laughter and tears. In book one, The Price, we met Hunter and Grant, Hunter an escort for Elite Gentleman Companionship and Grant a teacher. They managed to find love but now it is Ember Savoy’s story (Raymond Willows) and he may not get the HEA that Hunter and Grant got.

Ember like Hunter is a very high priced escort in addition to owning his own yoga studio. It is yoga that centers him especially after seeing a client. Thrown out by his parents when he told them he was gay he managed to find a life for himself, even though at times he knows that being an escort could cost him a chance at love. While teaching a class Ember sees one of his students looking at him his name is Alejandro Martine a man with a secret. Alejandro gets up the courage to ask Ember on a date which Ember quickly accepts.

After years of being with men, some very good looking it is this young man that gives Ember chills. There is always that special someone out there but sometimes it takes a while to find them. It doesn’t take long before both men realize that there is something between them but neither of them has confessed to the secret they each are hiding. In Ember’s case how to you tell someone you are beginning to care for that you are a paid escort. If you remember Hunter tried that with Grant when he told him that his clients didn’t hold his heart but Grant did with those men it was just a job, well we know that didn’t work.

Alejandro has a big secret he is in Las Vegas on a one year vacation before returning to his home in Domilion, a small country between France and Spain in the Pyrenees. Alejandro is a prince and next in line to take over for his father. How can he hope to explain to Ember what he really is, a prince that has to return to fulfill his responsibilities. All Alejandro wants is to be liked for himself not because of his title and when he finds out what Ember really does for a living he wonders if what they had was real or a lie.

Ember is a very speical person who has taken in a young teen that has been thrown out by his parents for being gay very much like what hapened to Ember but in Jimmy’s case Ember is not going to let him go down a dark path. With the relationship between the two men growing stronger they have to come to terms with the fact that this relationship will not go on forever, Ember will be left behind and Alejandro will be forced to marry and have a child to be the next heir to the thrown.

What happens between these two men is something you will have to read for yourself. Can Alejandro the only heir turn his back on his country? Can Alejandro admit to his parents he is gay and hope that he can run the country as a gay prince? Is there any chance for Ember and Alejandro to have a life together? Is this the book where Andrew Grey does not write a HEA? Read the book and you will have all your answers and you won’t be sorry.