Glamorous Book Cover Glamorous
A Grace Bishop Novel
Denise Bossarte
Paranormal, Fantasy, Detective, Ghosts,
Amazon Digital Services LLC
January 13, 2018

Grace is a survivor.

Haunted by the memories of the car accident that killed her brother and brought her police career to an end, she's determined to bring wrongdoers to justice as a PI.

Little do her clients know that the accident gave her more than nightmares; it gave her paranormal abilities she can't explain.

When she agrees to help a friend solve a mystery involving missing homeless girls, Grace is drawn into a secret world of Paranorms and The Family that rules them. It's a supernatural haven for potential friends and deadly evil, and this discovery alters her reality forever.

With the killer still at large, Grace must use her powers to put an end to his murder spree, even if she ends up being the one in the cross-hairs.

Glamorous is the first book in a series of urban fantasy and paranormal thrillers. If you enjoy intriguing mystery, new and distinctive paranormal worlds, and a riveting plot, then you'll love this new series starter.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team 

Grace Bishop lost her parents three years ago and a year ago a drunk driver cost her the life of her eleven year old brother Danny. The accident left Grace with scars and damage to her leg and arm and the loss of her job as a police officer but it also left her with special abilities, the ability to read objects and see ghosts.

Grace is now with Danny who lives with her as a normal eleven year old other than he is a ghost and with the use of crystals Grace was able to give him the energy he needed to become corporeal, use the computer, eat and they even celebrate his birthdays even though he will never age. Grace is a private investigator putting to good use the training she got at the police academy and when a friend DL who runs a non-profit center for kids asks for her help in finding out what has happened to many of his girls who have just disappeared she has no idea what is in store for her.

She enlists the help of her friend Officer Billy Winiarski and Sophie a medium. It is through Sophie that she is introduced to the world of the paranorms and Nicco. Nicco assigns one of his men Anthony to assist and before long they discover that there is a paranorm with the ability to glamour leaving noone aware of his appearance and his taking the girls. Grace is referred to as a Aperto Rotto which is a paranorm who is dangerous. They are not born into their abilities and have had no training in how to use them usually putting the paranorms in danger but it becomes apparent after Nicco meets Grace she is quite exceptional, she also has two powers which is unheard of.

With Anthony’s help and expertise they finally figure out where the next kidnapping will occur and Grace is ready to take the glamorer on using herself as bait. This is as far as I will go with my explanation of what happens in this book because it is a book that has to be read in order to learn all the details, and believe me there is alot to learn. There is violence, betrayals, secrets and a secret group of paranorms called The Family, Grace is new to this world and has a lot to learn and since I am new to this writer and this series I can’t wait to learn more also.