The Glasshouse Book Cover The Glasshouse
Lavender Shores #6
Rosalind Abel
M/M Romance
April 3, 2018

Adrian Rivera lives as he damn well pleases, defying his Lavender Shores family to spend his days farming the beautiful Northern California land. Not one to daydream of true love and romance, Adrian’s social life has always been filled with sex and plenty of good times.

Harrison Getty went from NFL star quarterback to America’s gay heartthrob, to reality TV star—with his wedding day broadcast live on national television. But Harrison feels trapped in a Hollywood life dictated by others. To breathe again, he runs from it all …

Adrian’s attraction to Harrison has been building for months—even as Harrison prepared to marry another man. Lightning strikes between them, stirring emotions and passions as Adrian finds “the one,” a love that’s meant to be. But can Harrison stop running long enough to know his own heart?

Amid scandals and betrayals, Adrian and Harrison struggle to grow their new love even as life’s storms threaten to shatter it all.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This is the sixth book in this series, written about the many people living in the town of Lavender Falls with help from the infamous Founding Families! The Glasshouse becomes a meaningful part of this story, as were some of the other local places in the area.

Harrison Getty, ex NFL star has been living in a fog for the last few years and didn’t realize it until he stood at the altar, ready to say I Do and ran away saying I Don’t. After the scene played out live on National TV ….Harrison returned back in the dark of night hiding out his brother’s apartment going over in his mind what just happened and why.

Adrian Rivera owed nothing to anyone. He knew what he wanted and was the black sheep of the Rivera Founding Family. Adrian had a thriving business, having a small farm on the outskirts of town working the land.

While we see how all the things in Harrison’s life brought him to be the runaway groom, we see his need to know what happened and why he felt this way himself…. and Adrian who has had a crush on Harrison is there to help???? Or confuse Harrison more….

I love these stories, I love re visiting Lavender Falls, and I can’t wait for more!!