Glory Reborn Book Cover Glory Reborn
Otherside Chronicles, Book 1
Sherry L. Brown
Werewolf/Shifter Romance, Fairytale
Independently published
July 26, 2019

I could spout some mumbo jumbo here about star-crossed lovers, or sexy alphas, but the truth is, this story’s not about the romance. It’s about a woman rising from the wreckage of her life and seizing her true power.

But hey, it's got ill-fated lovers and sexy alpha males too.

Glory is the eldest of three werewolf sisters, magically powerful and yet bound by secrets and expectations. Nick is a man that was bitten, strengthened by choice and liberties. What chance do they have in an ultimate battle between humans, the supernaturals protecting them, and the Otherside? 

The magic that created us, sustains us, is just about dead here on earth. Our lives, mere blips in time and on the edge of extinction. We are werewolves. And I can’t help but feel our doom is meant to be.

Mother is to blame for this. She kept the secrets. And now her secrets will either be our resurrection or our annihilation.

Will I fight for life or death? For good or for evil? For humanity or the Otherside?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Glory is a werewolf and lives with her mom and two sisters, Justice and Independence (Indy). Glory shoulders the responsibility of caring for her sisters and seeing to it that they don’t starve. With their father gone, they are four females on their own, and Glory gets little or no help from their mother.

Glory’s life changes when she has a car accident and plunges into the river. A man comes to her rescue and the two of them find themselves fighting for their lives. Bitter cold, snow and ice surround them, but Glory is able to find a hunter’s blind off the ground and even with her extra strength she has difficulty getting him up the ladder. Removing both their clothes and turning on the small heater she knows that the only way for them to stay warm is by sharing body heat. With him unconscious ,she lays on top of him until she feels him penetrating her. Glory is a virgin yet this man whose name she doesn’t know makes her feel alive and she wants more.

Nick realizes what he has done and can’t stop apologizing, but Glory just wants a repeat performance. When a rescue team comes, her sister, Justice, is there and apparently Nick’s wife and children arrive. This sexual encounter would only lead to more trouble because Glory is pregnant. She is willing to go through an arranged marriage with the alpha of a nearby pack and is surprised to learn that Grayson her intended is well aware of her pregnancy. He promises to raise the child as his own and care for them both. Unfortunately, not soon after she suffers a miscarriage.

Fourteen years she lives with Grayson helping raise his son from a previous marriage and being a dutiful wife and being totally unaware of what is going on around her. Her sister, Indy, is nearly killed by the sister of their alpha since Grayson never offered to accept her sisters into his pack. Then an unexpected guest comes to dinner and it is Nick, now a werewolf. She has never gotten over Nick, and has no idea why a lone wolf is meeting with her husband.

Glory is ignorant about the world around her, she has no idea who her real father is and how she came to be born, and she has no idea what she really is. War is coming between the human side and the otherside and she is the weapon each side wants. When she refuses to work alongside the demons who kidnap her she is left to die and spends fourteen months alone until she is finally found more dead than alive.

There were so many surprises and secrets, who is Glory, and who made Nick, and why? Although this is a cliffhanger most of the questions are answered and many are a surprise. I look forward to book two which as I write this review is coming out soon.