Guardian of the Angels Book Cover Guardian of the Angels
Ashlyn Chase
Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
Amazon Digital Services, LLC
April 4, 2017

Country girl Becky Morgan knows all the women in her family have secret powers... and if they’re not married by age 25, they’re allowed to use a bit of magical ‘help’ to find a mate.

City boy Kurt Conrad’s dependable sports car breaks down in Amish country. His phone dies too. Now he hopes someone at the nearby farmhouse can call roadside assistance.

With no phone, Becky can’t contact AAA, but perhaps she’s already summoned something better.

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Kurt Conrad lives and works in Philadelphia. The weekend he decided to visit his family in Pittsburg would change his life forever. Driving his fancy BMW he is shocked when it suddenly stops running, he also discovers that his cell phone isn’t working, either, so there is no way for him to call for help. He sees a farmhouse and is hopeful that they have a phone he can use. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw a beautiful woman hanging laundry.

Becky Morgan is twenty-five and comes from a very unique family. The women in the family have powers. If a woman hasn’t met anyone by the time she reaches twenty-five, she is allowed to use her influence to find one. Kurt is that man.

Kurt is totally enthralled with Becky and finds himself returning as often as possible to be with her. Things between them are going great until he comes upon something that makes him run for the hills. He stays away as long as he can, but his need to see Becky overrides his fear this family and what it might be.

There were some things I couldn’t understand. First how did she know it was Kurt’s car she was stopping? Second, no one including the women of the family know anything about what they are—only that they have powers. Everything moved too fast and left a lot unresolved. I did enjoy watching as Becky learned about being a woman. She was a true innocent. The title is also misleading because this book has nothing to do with angels, or at least the heavenly kind.