Half a Cowboy Book Cover Half a Cowboy
Andrew Grey
MM Romance - Western
Dreamspinner Press
January 12, 2021

Ever since his discharge from the military, injured veteran Ashton Covert has been running his family ranch—and running himself into the ground to prove he still can.

Ben Malton knows about running too. When he takes refuge in Ashton’s barn after an accident in a Wyoming blizzard, he’s thinking only of survival and escaping his abusive criminal ex, Dallas.

Ashton has never met a responsibility he wouldn’t try to shoulder. When he finds Ben half-frozen, he takes it upon himself to help. But deadly trouble follows Ben wherever he goes. He needs to continue on, except it may already be too late.

Working together brings Ben and Ashton close, kindling fires not even the Wyoming winter can douse. Something about Ben makes Ashton feel whole again. But before they can ride into the sunset together, they need to put an end to Dallas’s threats. Ben can make a stand, with Ashton’s help—only it turns out the real danger could be much closer to home.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Ben Malton was working as a dancer at a club when he caught the eye of Dallas Remington, a man who promised to take care of him and give him everything he could ever want, if it seemed too good to be true it was. Ben lost friends and his freedom and discovered that Dallas was a major crime lord who loved causing fear in those around him including Ben. When the opportunity came Ben ran but found himself in Wyoming during a blizzard and with his car wrecked he managed to find a barn before he froze to death. A city boy he had no idea that he was rooming with horses.


Ashton Covert was an MP in the military and when he returned home he opened a security business with his friend Reg but during a confrontation with a suspect he was injured an injury that cost him the use of his leg to continue doing the job he wanted. Returning home to his ranch he once again finds himself limited to the point that he considers himself a half a cowboy unable to ride a horse. When Ashton discovers Ben hiding in his barn and determines that he was not there to cause trouble he immediately takes him back to his house.


A man half frozen and a man with limited use of his leg find themselves leaning on each other only Dallas is out there and Ben knows if he stays with Ashton he will bring trouble to him and his friends. Afraid to confess why he is running even though Ashton makes it very clear that he knows something is wrong Ben is determined to leave. But leaving is difficult when he feels an attachment to Ashton and sense of security he hasn’t felt for a long time. Ben is welcomed by Ashton’s friends and his dogs who readily give Ben attention and unconditional love but can he stay when a man with no compassion and who wouldn’t hesitate to kill is looking for him.


The fear of Dallas coming is only one of the problems facing Ashton, a neighbor determined to buy the ranch is causing trouble and Ashton calls on Reg to help secure the ranch. Ben is determined to go and Ashton and his friends are determined to make him see that running is not the answer and that he will never be safe. Another book about two men looking for love but with a dangerous crime lord standing in the way.


I have read most of Andrew Grey’s books and loved them and I am a heterosexual old woman, ouch I can’t believe I admitted to that but it is true and every book captures my interest and gets my emotions going. I am in awe of the fact that he can write so many books and have each one better than the one before, but he does it and I have no doubt will continue to do it for a long time to come.