Hanging the Stars Book Cover Hanging the Stars
Half Moon Bay
Rhys Ford
MM Romantic Suspense
Dreamspinner Press
December 5, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This is the second book in the Half Moon Bay Series written by Rhys Ford, and it is packed with as many thrills and chills as the first, Fish Stick Fridays!  In that story, we ventured with Ms. Ford to Half Moon Bay and met bad boy Deacon Reed opening a Body Shop after finally retaining custody of his niece, Ziggy. The body shop just happened to be close to a book store run by Mr. Mc Dreamy Lang Harris. Luckily for Zig and Deacon, Lang falls in love with the little girl who walks into his shop in a tutu and combat boots and steals his cat and his heart.

To begin this newest story Hanging the Stars, we meet Wes Harris, Lang’s brother returning to Half Moon Bay. Wes has been a loner for years, losing the love of his life. So wouldn’t it be kismet that ‘the said person’ is also back in town? Angel Harris returns to town after years of turmoil. Angel is the son of a grifter who taught him the slimy side of life, roaming from town to town, and cheating people out of their hard earned money. Angel finally broke free taking troubled young half brother, Roman, along with him.

Angel thinks he is doing well, making a living with a small bakery a few doors away from the Harris Book Store. He’s living in a small apartment out back with barely enough essentials,  but it is a roof and a bed for Angel and Roman.

When Wes and Angel bump into each other after so many years, the shock has them reeling in memories.  Ms. Ford then puts suspense into the mix by adding attempted murder, arson and putting enough fear into their hearts to have them crazy to protect each other.

This is totally a Rhys Ford book!  It kicks butt and pulls no punches. It also helps that she is the queen of writing smoking hot sexy scenes between Wes and Angel who manage the re-kindling between ducking and running!!!! 

Needless to say, I loved every minute of this book and look forward to my next visit in Half Moon Bay.