Having Faith Book Cover Having Faith
Mature Love
Georgia Tingley
Contemporary Romance
Georgeous Publishing
August 26, 2019

She’s been someone else’s … now Adam was back to show Faith she’d really been his all along. Must read second chance love.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team  

Faith Newman is divorced but has been deluding herself into believing that she and her husband Robert would get back together especially since they have a seventeen year old son Scott. Then, she got the shock of her life when a text message informed her that Rob was remarrying and wanted her to come to a wedding dinner to meet his fiancé.

Faith had no choice but to attend the dinner since there is no doubt that they would always find themselves at one family function or another because of their son. Her best friend Rachel suggested that she take a hot, sexy man as her date and the man she suggests is none other than her half-brother Adam. Faith is ten years older than Adam and she would babysit for him and always considered him a brother until the fateful night of his eighteenth birthday when he kissed her. It was not just a kiss but it was filled with passion and Faith was more than willing to let it happen. When she realized that she was turned on by Adam who she thought of as a younger brother she turned on him blaming him for the kiss and calling him names. From that night on she stayed away from him and he did the only thing he could and moved away.

Now that he is back Faith revisits that night in her mind realizing finally that she was to blame and the things she said to Adam were wrong. She blamed him for making her feel like a slut, a married woman with a child kissing a boy she babysat for and thought of as a brother. Adam on the other hand had always known in his heart that he and Faith were soulmates and so when Rachel approaches him about the dinner he sees it as his chance to finally change Faith’s mind about them, but he knows he has to go slow.

Rob is not happy when he sees Adam with Faith but the one person who matters, her son Scott is happy about it. Then another shock comes when Rob’s fiancé announces she is pregnant something that nearly brings Faith to her knees. During her marriage she suffered one miscarriage after another and wasn’t able to conceive after Scott so now Rob got what he wanted a young wife and a new baby on the way.

This was a beautiful story proving that age doesn’t matter especially when people can live till their nineties and beyond. But there are other obstacles standing in the way of Faith admitting her love, first age, the fact that young women always throw themselves at Adam and most importantly she can’t give him children something his family and hers are more than willing to remind her of  time and again. What happens isn’t something I will reveal but I will say that it is never too late for love.