Healed by a Heart Book Cover Healed by a Heart
Destiny in Deadwood Volume 2
Cynthia Woolf
Historical Western Romance
Cynthia Woolf
May 25, 2014

All Liam Anderson wanted after the War Between the States, was a little peace. After seventeen years in the army, he's tired of fighting and killing. Having lost his beloved wife to influenza, he's tired of hurting. And seeing his baby brother framed for murder, he's tired of injustice. He left everything behind to help his brothers escape, packed up his children and possessions, and took them all to a gold claim in Deadwood.

Miss Eleanor Smith is a thirty-two year-old spinster. She gave up her dream of a home and family a long time ago. Instead, she has spent her life traveling the world, ministering to the weak, the injured, the poor, and the forgotten, following her preacher father from one hell hole to another. From what she's seen of men and the world, she's better off taking care of herself. And she gets along just fine, until she literally falls into Liam's arms, gets in the middle of a fight that isn't hers, and becomes a pawn for an enemy's revenge.

Deadwood was supposed to be a fresh start for Liam Anderson and his younger brothers, but trouble followed him and his children. And when Eleanor disappears, only Liam can rescue her. The headstrong, independent woman awoke his dead passion, but refused to surrender to his touch. Can he convince her that merely surviving isn't enough? Despite his sins, he's the only man who can save her, and she's the only woman strong enough to heal his broken heart.
Steam Heat Level - Hot

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the second book in the Destiny in Deadwood series. We are reunited with the Anderson Brothers. Ever since running from St. Louis, Missouri with his brother, Zach, Jake, and his two small children, Liam has been trying to clear his brother Jake murder accusations. He is also working his gold mine in Deadwood, Dakota, hoping to strike it rich. The one thing that Liam does not seem to have time for or for that matter a desire for is finding a woman to marry. He can’t get over the death of his wife Mary, the reason he left Missouri in the first place.

Jake and Becky are married and expecting their first child; it is more important than ever to clear his name. Jake is working on building Becky her dream house. Jake and Zach have been busy building a cabin for them all to live in. Liam left to find a way to clear Jake. While he was gone, his brothers did a lot of work on their own. In addition to all the work on the house, he returns home to the news they have a huge gold strike; they have the richest mine in Deadwood. Since Becky’s father’s death, their claim and Liam’s are right next to each other. Finally, things are looking very good for the Andersons. Liam will soon have more money than he could ever have hoped for, his children are wonderful, and his brothers are finding their own families. Things are going well, except for the fact that Liam is still living in the past, still carrying his pain over his wife’s death.

One day, on a trip to town, Liam bumps into the reverend’s daughter Eleanor Smith. Eleanor is thirty-two years old and has given up ever being married. She is way past the marrying age for those times, so she works alongside her father bringing comfort to those who need it. The meeting between Liam and Eleanor results in her having a badly sprained ankle, leaving him no choice but to carry her to the doctor. Ellie is considered by everyone to be unattractive and totally undesirable, except not in Liam’s eyes. It doesn’t take long before he realizes his children need a mother in their life. He asks Ellie for permission to court her. She gladly agrees, and they plan to marry in a few months.

Although Liam professes to her that he will never love again, she is willing to take the chance and hopefully change his mind. Can Liam let go of the past and love again? Has he finally found the right woman for him? Things take a turn for the worse when it becomes apparent that someone is after them. Someone wants them dead, but who?

Once again this is a simple story of family and love. The characters are wonderful, Becky and Jake, Zach and Liam and the children, and now Eleanor. Will Liam find the love he swears he doesn’t want? Who is the man trying to murder them and why? Although this is a series, the author brings the reader right up to date from what happened in the first book. Now that Liam and Jake have had their stories told I hope that Zach’s is next.