Heart Unseen Book Cover Heart Unseen
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
April 7, 2017

Review by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild

Trevor Michaelson has spent the last five years going from one one-night stand to another. He would have sex and leave never even bothering to remember the man’s name. His behavior began when his last boyfriend Chase was out of the picture, why he was out of the picture is not something I will reveal.

One night at a club Trevor sees a man he considers angelic only when he approaches him the man looks right through him. This behavior is something Trevor is not used to since his looks always guarantees that men will be chasing after him only this time it didn’t happen. Trevor would soon find out that the man was blind and because Trevor depended on his looks to be with a man he was determined that he would not return to the table and get to know the man better.

James Stewart was totally blind by the age of twelve and it was his friend who convinced him to go to the club. He had a good feeling about Trevor when he introduced himself but he was used to being alone and sat there waiting for his friend to return. Trevor on the other hand could not figure out why he returned to James’ table to talk with him when he was ready to find a man to end the evening with, only he did.

When James’ friend returned, looking stoned Trevor offered to drive James home, which he did. Trevor would go out of his way when he saw James to talk with him and he began to go to the clubs less and less. Even when he went there didn’t seem to be anyone that struck his fancy. He had no idea what was happening to him he only knew that he enjoyed James’ company and didn’t seem to mind his blindness.

Trevor and James do become more than friends but the story gave me a much better understanding about the world of the blind. The simple things we take for granted i.e. eating, paying for something, picking the right clothes or not spilling a drink are a constant chore for someone without sight. James fights every day to be independent but in his world everything must always be in the same place or he will not be able to find it again.

Of course, like with all Andrew Grey books I learned a lesson, met two wonderful gay men and one adorable four-year-old named Zack. Zack is James’ nephew and his love for his uncle is so heartwarming. James works with the blind helping them to cope with losing something so vital to them and Trevor owns a chain of mechanic shops.

I want to thank Mr. Grey for introducing me to a life I was very unfamiliar with and that is the life of a gay man. I am sure like me many people have preconceived ideas of what gay men are like but after reading Mr. Grey’s books I know the truth, like everyone else they are only looking to be accepted and loved.  When I review Mr. Grey’s books it is a heterosexual woman married fifty-six years to her husband who is doing it and I have loved every one that I have read.