A Heart Without Borders Book Cover A Heart Without Borders
Without Borders: Book One
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
August 29, 2013

Reviewed by:  Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Wesley Gordon is a pediatric doctor now working for Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.  It has been three years since the earthquake that ravaged Haiti and Wes is determined to do whatever he can to help.  They have opened the hospital in an old airport and outside is a city of tents stretching as far as you can see.

Day after day Wes sees children malnourished and dehydrated so that a simple cold turns into something more serious.  Hour after hour he tries to give comfort both to the children and the parents, only sometimes there is nothing he can do but be there with them while they die.  For every patient sent home two more arrive.  But one night on his way back to his room he hears shouting and goes to see what is happening.  He finds a young boy being beaten and one of his attackers holding a gasoline can.  Without thought of himself Wes charges in and saves the boy.

The boy Rene is sixteen and lost his family when the house they lived in collapsed on them leaving only Rene alive.  Since he was thirteen he has had to fend for himself and he did it selling his body.  Wes treats the boy in spite of the boy’s pleas that he will get Wes in trouble.  Rene is a homosexual which is illegal in Haiti and he knows that as soon as he is released he will once again find himself victim to the same type of treatment.  Wes tries to do whatever he can to keep Rene safe.  How can he just let a boy go to be beaten and burned to death because of his sexual preference especially since Wes himself is gay.

Before long Wes is approached by Anthony Clowley who is with the relief mission for the United States State Department.  It seems that Wes has made a name for himself by saving Rene.  But, Anthony has another reason for being there and that reason is Wes himself.  Wes and Anthony find themselves attracted to each other but is it because of where they are and how alone they are?

Wes takes Rene under his wings and gets him a job at the hospital and all the while Rene is hoping that Wes wants to take him back to the states with him when he leaves.  A bond forms between Wes and Rene and Wes begins to consider the idea of adopting him and bringing him home.  Wes knows in his heart that he can’t leave Rene in Haiti to suffer.

Anthony is another story, he has secrets that he can’t share with Wes and Wes wonders what he really does for the government.  He knows that Anthony is involved in some kind of secret assignment, one he is sure is dangerous.  He knows that Anthony loves him and he loves Anthony in return but how can he live day to day knowing that Anthony may not return to him.    When Wes leaves Haiti will it be with Rene and will Anthony be there also?  How do you get passed the government red tape when Rene has no papers and no proof that his family is even dead?

Andrew Grey once again writes a story that evokes all kinds of emotions.  Young children dying because of a lack of food, water and proper medical care.  A young teenager who is beaten and nearly burned to death because he is gay and a government who doesn’t care. I got a real look at what Doctors Without Borders go through in their attempt to help those that need it.  I have never been disappointed in an Andrew Grey book and this one was no exception.