Hellbound: A BWWM Paranormal Romance Book Cover Hellbound: A BWWM Paranormal Romance
Tamela Miles
Paranormal Romance
Dark Desire Publishing
March 27, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

At the age of fifteen, Kian Lewis’ life changed in ways he would never have expected. His girlfriend took a new drug he had and died. He was placed in a juvenile detention center until he reached the age of twenty-one. Kian was young when he went into the detention center, but there was no indication his life would change when released.

The day before his release, an angel named Teal visited him with a message. Kiam has ten years to change his life, find true love, and have that love returned. Now he is part owner of Java Lava, a coffee shop. He has one short week before his birthday and his trip to Hell. He has had many women in his life but none who mattered, and he knows that his time has come to face his fate. What he didn’t expect was a beautiful woman, Sanaa Bonhomme to come in and turn his head.

They meet on New Year’s Eve and the minute the two of them spoke, it was instant attraction Sanaa is alone since breaking up with her boyfriend. Kiam has no chance at escaping Hell and he sees Sanaa as a last chance to be with someone. The two of them are seeking a moment of peace, sex, and no commitments.

I don’t want to give anything away except to say that there is sex, betrayal, surprises, and a fight between good and evil. This was a short story but was not lacking at all.