Here and Gone Book Cover Here and Gone
Ann Simas
Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Magic Moon Press
April 10, 2018

Truth and consequences can be murder Hannah Clarke, a wife and mom one day, is a widow without a child the next. Two years later, living as H.L. Mason in Fossil, Colorado, her safe new world explodes with a revelation so shocking and horrifying she can hardly grasp it. By chance, she meets Sheriff Noah Ward, and though she’s leery of cops after being accused of killing her family, she needs help. Noah, a former Navy SEAL, agrees to do what he can, but he and Hannah soon discover the case is far more insidious than parental abduction.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Hannah Clarke is living what she believes is a perfect life until a knock on the door throws that perfect life into chaos. Hannah has been informed that her husband Jason and their five year old son Jay died when the sailboat they were on capsized. Hannah’s greatest fear was for her son to go into the ocean but Jason wouldn’t hear about it and took their son regardless of her wishes and now her fears are a reality.

For two years Hannah was tormented by neighbors, friends and the police all with the belief that Hannah was the one that was responsible for Jason and Jay’s death. No matter how many times over the years she claimed her innocence her claims fell on deaf ears. One detective in particular badged her until she finally decided her only choice was to move and change her name. Now she lives in Colorado and goes by Hannah Mason. She is a Scientific Illustrator who is able to do her work from home and the lose of her husband and son is foremost on her mind.

If it wasn’t for her family she would never have survived and it is a member of that family her, brother-in-law that brings about a major change in her life and what she always believed in. Jason and her son are seen and it becomes clear that the drowning was all faked and that Jason has taken off with a friend and obviously his lover.

Jason left her without any money and without the son she cherished and with the help of Sheriff Noah Ward and his family she is hopefully on the road to finding her son. Everything that Hannah ever believed about her friend and husband comes crashing down around her when she discovers what kind of people they really are and they also have a surprise accomplice.

Little by little Hannah and Noah discover what Jay’s life is like and what a living hell it is for a little boy. As Hannah and Noah begin to grow close to each other neither is willing to push the envelope because Hannah is still legally married to Jason. Now it is a search for Jay and Jason and the hope that she will have her son back and will be able to divorce her cheating and lying husband.

This book held my attention from the first page until the last. Watching as Noah and Hannah searched for Jay and learning the abuse he was subjected to made me both angry and hurt because it is abuse that so many children suffer through every day. I won’t go into anything more because I don’t want to give anything away but I will say that this is a book that I highly recommend and read in one day.