Hereditary Magic Book Cover Hereditary Magic
Blood and Bone Legacy Book 1
Suzanne M. Sabol
Paranormal Romance
Soul Mate Publishing, LLC
October 17, 2018

Brittany Hughes is the most powerful witch of her generation but at twenty-one, she lacks the control of more mature witches. After a vampire attack that killed several people, including her mother, Brittany is abandoned by her coven and set adrift into the preternatural world. But she’s not alone. Brittany has earned the respect of the vampire colony and the werewolf pack. Everett Cooper has named himself her werewolf protector and friend.

As people start dying around Columbus and threaten to make the world of magic public, Brittany and Everett are lead down a path of gruesome bodies, tested friendships, and magical discovery. In their pursuit to stop the murders before more people end up dead and a full-fledged panic ensues, Brittany is drawn into a world of magic, mirrors, and the impossible becoming possible.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

At the age of twenty-one Brittany Hughes witnessed her mother being killed by a vampire necromancer and then watched as zombies devoured her body. It has been a year since that happened and now she lives with vampires and werewolves who in spite of her power embrace her as family.

One werewolf in particular has Brittany’s heart and that is Everett Cooper (Ev) the very werewolf who saved her from the fate her mother just faced. She loves him but he has never once shown anything but protection and friendship. Since the night he saved her he has become her guardian something that at times totally frustrates her since she is always made to feel like a child.

Brittany was abandoned by her coven who feared her power and although she has great power she has yet to learn to use it properly and control it. Learning to use her powers becomes secondary to what is happening in their city, bodies are found appearing as empty shells and Ev and Brittany are asked to look into the situation. Homicide Detective Derek Hamlin is aware of the supernaturals living in his district and knows that these homicides are not being done by a human.

Brittany is totally unaware of the appearance of Cerridwyn (Wynne)who was imprisoned in the in-between by Gwion aka Merlin who is a direct descendant of Brittany’s and now she seeks Gwion’s relatives to get revenge and end the curse he put on her and her familiar Alistair who is now a raven. Wynne suspects that Brittany could be the one she is seeking because she can feel the power in her but there are protection shields that she must break down first before she can take her magic for herself.

When Brittany meets Wynne she is happy to finally find another witch who can teach her what she needs to know but Ev is suspicious. Brittany’s joy at finding someone like her begins to pale when she starts to feel that Ev is right and the deaths are Wynne’s doing. Unfortunately Brittany is young, untrained and very naive so she could easily fall into Wynne’s trap.

The beginning of the book was shocking and kept me glued to each page but after that I felt the book was slow moving and uninspiring. I know that there was a series prior to this that involved many of the characters in this book but I didn’t read that series and possibly that affected my enjoyment of this one.