The Hideaway Book Cover The Hideaway
Lavender Shores Book 5
Rosalind Abel
M/M Romance
Wings of Ink Publications, LLC
November 5, 2017

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I have been enthralled by this wonderful series. Our author has set up a back drop with a beautiful town in the North West Called Lavender Falls. The town the scenery is a picture in my mind of a Currier and Ives painting of perfection.

Our author has taken that perfection of Lavender Falls and now introduces us to the inhabitants of the town and the families living there. What a wonderful series this has become, us getting to know the Bryant’s and the Kelly’s and others up and down Main Street USA.

We had a quick look at Connor Clark coming down the stairs at a Baby Naming Shower in the last book The Shipwreck. Brought into the family because of parental abuse, Connor and Gilbert Bryant were best buds, now brothers of the heart. Micah  was the adoring baby looking up to Connor as his superhero. Micah had it all, talent, money and was quickly thought he was on his way for bigger things n life as a violinist.

But the night Connor was home from college, waking up to 16 year old baby Micah trying to seduce him, things were never the same. Years of longing for both of them, having them sneak off to share private moments, alone, knowing the risk they took. How would everyone react to their feelings?

Connor’s shame at who he was, does not allow him to truly feel he is a Bryant. Back from school after studying art he has opened up a tattoo shop in town called Lavender  Ink and quite looks the part. Tall, long hair and covered in tats .

Micah home from years in NYC opens a Farm Store sellig produce to the stores and restaurants in town and plays the violin gigs as he wants. It is time now for Micah to make his last attempt to have it all…..Connor in his bed..

I must say this was one of the hardest books to read, the most romantic book to read and the best book of the series!!!!! Or did I say that about the last book??????

Cannot wait for more…..