High Alert Book Cover High Alert
The Project Book 14
Alex Lukeman
Political Suspense
March 26, 2017

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair and Sr Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Alex Lukeman at his best, brings us Book #14 of The Project Series. This contemporary Black ops group working for the President of the United States has been sent around the world tenfold saving the world from itself.

The few in this team have grown to be our family, Elizabeth Harker at the helm Stephanie at the key board at one of the most mind blowing computer systems, Selena being drawn in through wealth and schooling being strong in languages and deciphering ancient documents. The other three last but not least are the retired military, Ronnie, Lamont and their leader Nick.

Mr. Lukeman writes stories in the here and now, topics like this one so relevant in today’s   news and world I shudder as I read.

China, North Korea, Russia and America are the hot buttons for this story. Can it get any more exciting? I have sworn allegiance to this series from Book #1 and will follow you forever Mr Lukeman, unless one of these idiots becomes as real as you write and we are all doomed…

As always you make my palms sweat and my heart race….Great read