His Bewildered Mate Book Cover His Bewildered Mate
Unexpected Mates Book 1
Brea Alepoú
Paranormal Romance
August 14, 2019

True mates are found in the most unlikely of places.

Rhy, a weretiger with a heart so big, that when an elderly woman comes in looking for her lost cat, Mr. Fluffkins, Rhy knew he had to help. He had no way of knowing that it would lead him to his true mate.

Dillan (Mr. Fluffkins), has lived his whole life wishing he was more than just a cat. He never felt right walking around on four paws. He tried to be a normal cat; tried to talk to other animals but it wasn’t possible. They couldn’t think in full sentences or communicate. It was more of feeling they had then what they thought. He watched television, so he could studying humans and what they did. He wanted to interact like humans. His owners showed one another so much love and were always doing something together. Dillan ached to have what they have.

Love, loss, and tender moments. A dream to have the one person that completes you.

Warning** Slow burn. This book is shifter Mpreg pregnancy is mentioned in this book. this is the first book of the series. The series will need to be read in order, as new couples will be introduced but old one's stories will continue. They will be intertwined. This is a HEA.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This was a sweet story about a missing cat, Mr. Fluffkins, a cat who has lived with Mary-Anne and Sam Crawford for eighteen years and never knew he was a shifter. When Mr. Fluffkins (Dillon) disappears Mary-Anne goes to the PI company run by shifters who have formed their own pride and are best friends.

Rhy is a weretiger and when confronted by Mary-Anne and hearing her story of losing Mr. Fluffkins whom she considered her child, he can’t say no. Rhy is given one week to find this cat and then back to regular PI business. Fortunately, he is given help when Logan agrees to go searching for the cat with him. When they visits Mary-Anne’s home for any clues they may find, Rhy is overtaken by a feeling he has never felt before. If there was a lust meter his would be off the charts. Now more than ever he knows that even if it takes more than a week he will continue the search.

Mr. Fluffkins aka Dillon went into the garage searching for Sam when a dog chased him. He had no way of knowing that Sam had died years ago and he kept waiting for him to come home. Sam called him Dillon, a name he much preferred to Mr. Fluffkins. Dillon was always treated as a human, Sam read to him so he can read and he never ate cat food but the food that Mary-Anne cooked for him. He had his own room and that was the room Rhy entered and that brought all kinds of strange feelings on him.

Dillon was taken by a drunk man and when he was finally able to escape he realized he was far from home, a home he desperately wanted to get back to. He refused to eat out of trash cans and whether it was fate or luck he ran into a shifter named Kash who realized what he was and went about teaching him to shift. Unfortunately, everything but his tail and ears turned human.

As I said this was a sweet story about finding one’s fated-mate something very rare. Although rare it seems that so many of Rhy’s friends found theirs in this story and will no doubt appear in other books in this series, a series that the author recommends reading in order since not only will new couples be featured but the old ones will have their stories continued. I look forward to Dillon’s story being continued so that I can get the full story of why he stayed in cat form and never shifted.