Holidays, Inc. Book Cover Holidays, Inc.
Finding New Hope Book 1
Rachelle Paige Campbell
Holiday Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
November 4, 2020

Former child actress, Danielle "Dani" Winter, left Hollywood to transform an old cinema into a dinner theater, seeing the project as her chance to take control of her future. The middle-of-nowhere location in Wisconsin is a perfect escape from backstabbing celebrity friends. The small town welcomes her help with open arms, but one man questions her plan.

After unsuccessful writing stints on both coasts, Paul Howell returns home to New Hope. He's shocked to discover that his sister has sold the family business to a beautiful woman. With the encouragement of his neighbors, he reluctantly agrees to write Dani's next musical.

Working together, they discover more similarities than differences and grow close. When Dani's former best friend and America's sweetheart, Kara Kensington arrives, their blossoming relationship is threatened in more ways than one.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Danielle “Dani” Winters was a child actress who learned the hard way that trust is not something that can be easily obtained in LA. She learned first-hand when her friend betrayed her and when her mother cared more about the money she could make than her. Now she is looking for a new beginning in New Hope, Wisconsin.


Investing everything she has, Dani purchases an old movie theater and is determined to convert it into a live dinner theater. The town is on its last leg. All around are empty stores and houses, and her hope is that her theater will breathe new life into a dying town. She is welcomed by the people who are inspired by her dreams of regenerating the town to its old glory. Jill Howell who was the owner of the theater since her dad died and who sold it to Dani is right there helping Dani fulfill her dream. Jill loves the town. If Dani is successful then everyone will benefit.


Unfortunately, there is one person not very enthusiastic about Dani’s dream and that person is Jill’s twin brother, Paul. Paul has returned home after failing in his attempt to start a career in LA writing and where his hopes were dashed by a longtime friend. He’s dejected, sees his old theater sold and feels Dani’s plan is nothing but a pipe dream. He’s convinced she will only be disappointed like him, and his first few meetings with Dani are less than kind.


Holidays, Inc. will be putting on shows at the holidays. The first one on July 4th was not as successful as she hoped, but it was a start. Paul grows to hope for Dani’s success and agrees to write the music for the Labor Day show. That show brought the town and theater to everyone’s attention and things look like they will work out the way Dani wanted–but not without some trouble thrown in.


This beautiful love story hits a roadblock when Kara Kensington, a popular actress and friend of Dani’s comes to the theater. She and Paul sing a few songs together and from that point on there are lies and betrayals and a long road to HEA. Can Dani and Paul overcome the lies, will the town survive, and will their hope for starting over be a successful one?