The Honest Rake Book Cover The Honest Rake
The McCoy Series Book 1
Toni V. Sweeney
Regency Romance
Class Act Books
February 13, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

My goodness, Toni V Sweeney aka Icy Snow Blackstone does wield a strong romance nom de plume. I usually find Toni in the sci-fi area with her tales of distant stars and planets, but romance is always alive in her books.

Regency Romance has been very popular lately, and our Ms Sweeney has started a new series with the McCoys and Donal. I love the feel of the past, whether in London or France as the carriages, and clothing of the times do make me wish I could have been there to see it. I love the descriptions of the staid men’s clothing and the silks and satins of the woman with their only worries of hats and feathers and bows.

Donal is 24, living in London, a graduate of Eton and Cambridge living in a home receiving monthly stipends from his father. Donal,  is not a born Englishman with his red hair and green eyes…Born in Ireland, his family has money and a good name, his father and mother having three boys and one girl.

Quenton McCoy his father has sent him a letter, reminding his son Donal, that he should be starting to find a wife. Donal and his best friend Joss have been enjoying the favors of the area, welcomed at the prestigious Almacks, and also enjoying the private brothel and is also keeping his own Mistress Nell. Donal is enjoying this life, and Dad’s request is annoying him and interfering with his well planned life.

To please his father, he sets out to make a list of the young girls in the area he has met at Almack’s and begins to look for a wife. He confides to Nell of this plan and assures even though he will be married, his attentions will always remain for Nell….Remember the proverb, the best made plans…….

Ms Sweeney has opened with a good strong beginning to the world of the McCoy clan, and I look forward to the second story coming out soon.