Hot Magic Book Cover Hot Magic
Cat's Paw Cove, Book 5
Catherine Kean
Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance
CPC Publishing
December 10, 2019

While clearing out her late mother’s home in Cat’s Paw Cove, Florida, Molly Hendrickson finds an unusual antique necklace. Wearing it makes her feel confident and sexy—things she hasn’t felt since her ex broke off their engagement or, really, ever. She decides to keep the jewel but takes other items to Black Cat Antiquities, the local antique store, to have them appraised.

Lucian Lord, a reincarnated 12th century knight, moved to Cat’s Paw Cove after a scandal in which he revealed his magical abilities to his former girlfriend. Demoted by his superiors, he’s running the antiques shop while his grandfather is on vacation. But, when Molly brings in artifacts tainted by dark magic, Lucian is duty-bound to find and contain the dangerous energy before it wreaks havoc not only on the town, but the world.

Living by the knightly code of honor, Lucian vows to help Molly, especially when he realizes the necklace is the source of the ancient magic he’s hunting. He’s determined to save his headstrong damsel and redeem his tarnished reputation—but first, things will get very, very hot.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Another visit to the magical town of Cat’s Paw Cove, Florida and it didn’t disappoint. Once again, it is a story of love, magic, and amazing cats. That is saying a lot since I am more of a dog person, but these cats could change my mind.

Lucian Lord is a 12th century knight and has been reincarnated for centuries after a curse was put on his family by a sorceress named Agnes. Not only did the curse change his life, it also changed the life of his squire, Galahad. The squire went from a young man to a cat, a very feisty cat. Lucian belongs to the Experts whose job it is to protect humans from dark magic. Their enemy is the Dealers who want the exact opposite. Lucian works with his grandfather at Black Cat Antiquities, but not all their antiques are for sale. The pieces that contain black magic are put in a special place with a spell keeping them from doing harm.

When Molly Hendrickson walks into the store, it is like Lucian was hit with a thunder bolt because for the first time in centuries he is totally bewitched by a woman. Molly is cleaning out the house her late mother owned before she puts it up for sale and has brought in some pieces for an appraisal. Unfortunately, the pieces are not worth much, but she has yet to discover the one piece that is worth its weight in gold and will change her life forever.

Molly’s mom left behind her four Sherwood cats. Like Galahad, they can speak, however with no magic Molly cannot hear them. When she discovers a small box with a beautiful necklace inside, the four cats do everything, they can keep her from putting it on, to no avail. As soon as it touches her neck, she feels different and she knows that she will never sell it.

As soon as the necklace was out of the box Lucian felt dark magic. Before he could locate where it was coming from, Molly had already returned it to the special box that kept the magic contained. It is up to Lucian to discover where the dark magic is coming from and lock it away before the Dealers get to it first.

Of course, at this point in my review I will stop revealing anything that happens. I will say that the book was filled with magic good and bad, amazing characters and five very interesting cats, especially Galahad who makes his desire to see under Molly’s dress very evident. A must-read series but each book is a standalone.