Howling Book Cover Howling
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Paranormal, Action-Adventure, Shifter, Mystery, Romance
March 12, 2020

Don't go out in the woods alone...

Colorado Sheriff Blake Richards doesn't know anything about what a full moon can do to those who aren't quite as human as he is. So when a wolf runs in front of his truck, he's pretty sure it's a wolf. Except that it's not. Really.

She-wolf Madison Grant has come to Colorado to track some nasty criminals without the permission of the Miami law-enforcement officials she works with. With one of her biggest secrets accidentally exposed to a Colorado Sheriff, and a full moon overhead, she and sexy Blake Richards will have to protect each other in order to stay alive.


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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Blake Richards is the sheriff of a small Colorado Town. On his way home one night, he hit what he believed to be an animal, only it turned out to be a naked woman. This woman and this accident would totally change everything he believed. His new reality would be that the monsters in books and movies are living side by side with humans every day.

Madison Grant is a Were, but not just any Were. She is a pure blood Lycan and she has been searching for the sadistic leader of a pack of rogue Weres responsible for killing her father. She has finally found them, only her little accident with the sheriff has put him on their radar. Madison knows she should walk away. However, leaving him in the dark about the danger he faces forces her to reveal what she is.

Blake tries to convince himself he was either dreaming or hallucinating, but he can’t deny what he saw right in front of his eyes. Despite her being a wolf, he still craves the part that is a woman, a desire he can’t understand. There is something about her he can’t ignore.

Madison, like Blake, feels a connection to him, even though being in a relationship with a human is frowned upon since she is a pure blood. However, the heart wants what the heart wants. Is she willing to give up her Miami pack and risk being with Blake? Is Blake willing to stay with a woman he cares about who changes every full moon?

Blake is thrown into a world he always believed was fiction. The monster Madison has been searching for is way beyond just a Were, and both their lives are in danger. This is a wonderful story with wonderful characters. If shifters are your cup of tea, then drink up because this is the one.