Hunter's Moon Book Cover Hunter's Moon
Moon Series Book 2
Lisa Kessler
Paranormal Romance
Entangled: Select Otherworld
October 21, 2013

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It has been six months since the attack in Lake Tahoe.  Lana and Adam have the twins, a girl and a boy, and Adam has become the new alpha since his father’s death.  Sasha Kincade was responsible for the Lake Tahoe attack; everyone in the pack believes she died there by Aren’s hands.  Aren, Adam’s twin, was on the verge of killing Sasha when he touched her and realized that she was his mate.  Not only is she an assassin for the Nero Organization and responsible for Aren’s father’s death she is a wolf’s enemy, a jaguar.

Sasha fell in love with the wrong man, a man who is not only a jaguar, but the son of the founder of Nero.  She believed all of Sebastian’s lies until he bit her and converted her into a jaguar.  With the promise of an antidote, she did whatever Nero requested of her.  When she realized what she did at Lake Tahoe, she ran from them.  Now her life is in jeopardy.  What she doesn’t realize is that Aren has been watching over her since he found out she was his mate.

It doesn’t take long before Sasha comes face to face with Aren, only to have someone take shots at them.  They decided to work together.  Sasha has a sister, Nadya, and with Aren’s help, she is brought to the pack for protection.  She works as the nanny for Lana and Adam’s twins; the pack is unaware of who she really is.  There is no doubt the pack would love nothing more than to see Sasha dead.

Sasha and Aren grow close to each other, even though Sasha knows there is no future for them.  Wolves mate for life, but jaguars do not have the same commitment to one another.  Aren knows Sasha is his mate, but the pack would never accept her, or would they?  Could Lana ever forgive Sasha for putting her life and the life of her children in danger?  Could Adam, as the new alpha, ever trust Sasha, even though she is his brother’s mate?

To make matters worse, the assassin sent to find Sasha and kill her is a wolf treated with experimental drugs turning him into a psychotic killer.  Not only is he psychotic, but he can shift into his wolf form whenever he wants.  Shifters can only shift once a month with the full moon or new moon, but a shifter who can shift when he wants too is dangerous to all those around him.  His bite is also contagious, and would cause the one bitten to turn insane and then die.  It would seem that this wolf has the advantage. It will require the entire pack to take him down.

This is a very exciting book from start to finish and is the second in the Moon Series.  There are many surprises and secrets, in addition to lies and betrayals.  There is romance, sex, and a wolf and a jaguar who want to be able to put the past behind them and start over, but it doesn’t seem to be likely to happen. Many unexpected and tragic things take place that no one could have foreseen.  I look forward to the next book in the series and suggest that the series be read in order.

2nd Place Winner – Best Shifter Paranormal Romance Novel

2013 PRG Reviewer’s Choice awards!